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Look to Latin America for ways to Improve Maternal, Child Health
Latin America's Conditional Cash Transfer (CCTs) programs aim to educate women about the value of health visits and the actual long-term value of maternal and child health. American health policymakers have an opportunity to learn from their Latin American peers how to successfully address this challenge, writes fellow Farhan Majid in an op-ed for The Hill: https://bit.ly/2tiDF5D .
June 18, 2018
A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Texas Residents’ Views on State and National Health Policy Priorities
In a new survey, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Episcopal Health Foundation sought to gauge Texans’ views on health policy priorities at both the state and national level. Overall, the survey finds that health care is a priority for Texans, with over half saying the state legislature should increase spending on health care programs, while roughly two-thirds of Texans say the state should expand its Medicaid program.
Elena M. Marks June 14, 2018
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Women Driving in Saudi Arabia: Ban Lifted, What Are the Economic and Health Effects?
In June 2018, Saudi Arabia finally put an end to its legal ban on women driving, opening the way for millions of new drivers to navigate across a country three times bigger than Texas. While the long-overdue policy shift provides relief to women who lacked freedom of mobility, the onset of so many new drivers has enormous consequences for transportation and the energy sector, as well as labor market participation and public health.
Jim Krane, Farhan Majid June 13, 2018