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Violence in Tijuana
After a two-year decline in drug-related violence in Tijuana, seven homicides were reported in a two-day period in early June 2013. This white paper explores the reasons behind the uptick and what can be done about it.
Nathan P. Jones September 17, 2013
U.S.-Russia Space Policy
As we look to the future of space travel, we should heed the lessons we are learning on the International Space Station, be realistic about space exploration beyond Earth orbit, build on the foundation of the station and our partnerships, and do human exploration from the onset together.
George W.S. Abbey September 13, 2013
The Case for Corporate Income Tax Reform
The positive effects of a corporate income tax reform in the United States might well be enhanced by a simultaneous move to a territorial system coupled with anti-base erosion provisions designed to limit revenue losses; however, the effects of implementing territoriality are tenuous and seem likely to be small in the aggregate. Published by the American Action Forum.
John W. Diamond, George Zodrow May 29, 2013
Latin America Initiative | White Paper
Private Equity and Financial Sector Development in Emerging Markets
The rising demand for resources by financial institutions serving micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) presents a unique opportunity for investors eager to harness the potential of financial sector development in emerging markets. Furthermore, the market for investments in microfinance has been growing steadily over recent years, with institutional and individual investors driving the growth in private funding.
Henry Gonzalez March 4, 2013