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United Arab Emirates map
Saudi Arabia Is Changing, but Don't Give MbS All the Credit
Although Mohammed bin Salman wields considerable power, he has not singlehandedly altered Saudi society. The social transformation taking place in the kingdom was underway before he became crown prince, but he has tried to take credit for it, writes the author. Baker Institute Blog via Lobe Log: https://bit.ly/2WLrScM
Annelle Sheline June 11, 2019
Image of Hassan Mosque
Royal Religious Authority: Morocco’s “Commander of the Faithful"
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has cultivated the country’s image as a bastion of moderate Islam and of himself as a strategic partner, but to what extent does his international reputation correspond to public opinion in Morocco? In this paper, the author evaluates the king’s domestic standing as part of a larger Baker Institute study on religious authority in the Middle East.
Annelle Sheline March 31, 2019