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Clean energy
New Headwinds to Clean Energy: Four Crippling Squeezes on SDG7 and Priorities to Address Them
Shocks from the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are disproportionately affecting emerging and frontier economies—and having especially severe effects on their energy sectors. Progress toward universal access to energy has already stalled, putting achievement of SDG7 at risk. We identify four interlocking squeezes disrupting both grid and off-grid energy development across emerging and frontier markets
Todd Moss, Benjamin Attia, Katie Auth August 23, 2022
Oil drums
Resource Curse Dynamics, the Corporate License to Operate and the Potential of Direct Cash Dividends
To avoid the resource curse, nonresident fellow Todd Moss proposes a direct cash dividend to drive macroeconomic benefit, alleviate poverty and create incentives that drive demand for transparency and sound management. This working paper is part of a series titled “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Resource-Rich Regions.”
Todd Moss February 24, 2020
Energy Diplomacy is Turbocharged
The Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act, if passed by the Senate and signed into law, would encourage private investment in energy infrastructure in some of the most fragile countries, which would bolster U.S. national security, the authors write. Forbes blog: http://bit.ly/2JDenVW
Todd Moss July 20, 2018