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A star design on a gate, with the Texas State Capitol building in the background.
A Dubious Exceptionalism: What Texas Can Learn From the World History Curriculum Standards of Nearby States
Texas social studies curriculum standards do not give public school students the balanced coverage of religion they need to function effectively in an increasingly diverse society, contends the author. His comparison of equivalent curriculum standards in five culturally similar states identifies lessons Texas can learn from its counterparts.
David R. Brockman October 22, 2021
Tx Lege: Few Wins for Christian Right
A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. The author writes that it’s possible religious conservatives ran up against the limits of their power, which appears to be ebbing in post-2018 Texas. Texas Observer: http://bit.ly/2wQxZli
David R. Brockman June 12, 2019
Texas Republicans’ Push for a Religious ‘License to Discriminate’ is Depressingly Familiar
Texas Senate Bill 17 would give state-licensed professionals, including those in the medical and child care fields, permission to refuse services to LGBTQ Texans (and possibly others) on the basis of “sincerely held religious belief.” The author cites historical cases in which religion was cited to justify discrimination against African Americans and women, concluding that religious liberty has always been subject to limitations. Texas Observer: http://bit.ly/2KOtS3c
David R. Brockman April 18, 2019