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A star design on a gate, with the Texas State Capitol building in the background.
A Dubious Exceptionalism: What Texas Can Learn From the World History Curriculum Standards of Nearby States
Texas social studies curriculum standards do not give public school students the balanced coverage of religion they need to function effectively in an increasingly diverse society, contends the author. His comparison of equivalent curriculum standards in five culturally similar states identifies lessons Texas can learn from its counterparts.
David R. Brockman October 22, 2021
Religious Imbalance in the Texas Social Studies Curriculum: Analysis and Recommendations
This paper argues that the Texas social studies curriculum does not offer balanced coverage of world religions, due in large part to intervention by conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education. The paper identifies examples of imbalanced coverage in social studies texts and offers recommendations for broadening coverage of religion in Texas public schools.
David R. Brockman October 21, 2016