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US-Mexico border
Troubled Waters: Recent Challenges to the 1970 US-Mexico Boundary Treaty
In June 2023, the international boundary treaty governing the U.S.-Mexico border came under attack from Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lonestar. In a new research paper, nonresident scholars Stephen Mumme and Regina M. Buono outline the treaty’s history and examine key issues — advising on merits of recent challenges and long-term implications for the binational relationship between the United States and Mexico.
Stephen Mumme, Regina M. Buono February 8, 2024
Summary: Water and Energy Workshop
This paper summarizes the presentations and discussions at May 14, 2015, workshop on water-energy interdependence and related issues. The Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies (CES) and the Texas A&M University Nexus Research Group convened the event.
Regina M. Buono, Anna B. Mikulska December 7, 2015