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Perspectives on NAFTA
NAFTA is explored as a foreign policy tool to advance the interests of each signing nation, as an economic device to reap the benefits of integration, and as the backbone on which a regional political and social bloc could eventually be constructed. In this article, Isidro Morales discusses the current literature in these three arenas and reviews existing debates about NAFTA: https://bit.ly/2IxlQqx
Isidro Morales October 2, 2018
Will Pemex be 'first among equals' under reforms?
Under proposed legislation to implement Mexico’s energy reforms, Pemex will remain a privileged state operator supporting exploration and production in most of the country's proven onshore and shallow water fields. It is not known if energy reform will effectively turn Pemex into a firm able to compete without policy bias against private investors.
Isidro Morales June 13, 2014