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Stethoscope on top of chart
Heaven and Health: How Black, Latino, and Korean Christians View the Relationship Between Faith and Health
The authors compare views on the relationship between faith and health for two groups that are overrepresented in American Christianity and underrepresented in medical careers (African Americans and Latinos) with a group that is similarly religious but comparatively well-represented in medical professions (Korean Americans).
Daniel Bolger, Cleve Tinsley IV, Elaine Howard Ecklund November 28, 2017
This photo shows an industrial zone in China.
The Double-edged Sword: Guanxi and Science Ethics in Academic Physics in the People’s Republic of China
As China continues to open up to the transnational circulation of labor, ideas, technology and capital under globalization, one must wonder: will Chinese society’s more cosmopolitan and transnational groups continue to be guided by guanxi, the system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings?
Steven W. Lewis, Elaine Howard Ecklund, Di Di March 31, 2017
A science conference.
Strategies Men Use to Negotiate Family and Science
Drawing on interviews with male scientists working at prestigious universities, the authors report on ways these men negotiate the tensions between cultural expectations for devotion to work and breadwinning, either compromising work commitments for more time with family or time at home in exchange for increased academic prestige.
Elaine Howard Ecklund January 4, 2017