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Science & America's Greatness
Now more than ever, the White House needs to bring on board a U.S. science advisor to promote national scientific prominence, writes fellow Peter Hotez in the Scientific American. "A strong science advisor could help the president understand how expanding defense and homeland security budgets without commensurate support for science will ensure that America will fail to produce the security gains that he hopes to achieve."
Peter J. Hotez April 7, 2017
Mycetoma: The PLOS NTDs Collection
Though not currently listed among the World Health Organization’s list of 17 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), mycetoma is a serious and debilitating condition that meets all of the criteria traditionally attributed to an NTD. Fellow in disease and poverty Peter J. Hotez and Serap Askoy, professor at the Yale School of Public Health, highlight the significance and health impact mycetoma. PLOS Blogs: http://bit.ly/1PJVKve.
Peter J. Hotez January 21, 2016
Protecting Kids: My Experience with Vaccine Refusal and Autism Awareness
In a new blog post, Peter Hotez, fellow in disease and poverty, writes about his experience with vaccine refusal and autism awareness. "The scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the fact that vaccines are safe and there is no evidence linking them to autism. In fact, there is extensive scientific literature now refuting any associations between vaccines and autism," Hotez writes.
Peter J. Hotez April 21, 2015
Getting ready for summer arbovirus season in Houston
Houston's location in a subtropical zone on the Gulf of Mexico makes it susceptible to unique tropical infections, including the arbovirus infections such as dengue fever and Chikungunya. The National School of Tropical Medicine is working with state, county and city health departments to combat these diseases and to provide advice to doctors and the community on how to prevent them.
Peter J. Hotez April 7, 2015