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A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Baker Briefing: The High Costs of US Health Care
Health care costs in the U.S. have climbed dramatically in recent decades. Elevated prescription and premium prices have left more Americans at risk of being unable to afford basic health care services. Our experts discuss key factors leading to medical unaffordability and steps policymakers must take to address the issue.
Joe Barnes, Elena M. Marks December 19, 2023
Maternal Mortality in Texas
Maternal health is widely seen as a key indicator of a society’s overall well-being. Two new reports out of Texas paint a concerning picture. America has the worst maternal death rate of any wealthy nation, and Texas ranks eighth worst state in the nation for maternal mortality. Here, we discuss the scope of the maternal mortality crisis in Texas, how it is unfolding in communities unevenly across the state, and potential policy responses amid broader public concern on maternal health issues.
David M. Satterfield, Rola El-Serag, Elena M. Marks, McClain Sampson February 15, 2023
A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Texas Residents’ Views on State and National Health Policy Priorities
In a new survey, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Episcopal Health Foundation sought to gauge Texans’ views on health policy priorities at both the state and national level. Overall, the survey finds that health care is a priority for Texans, with over half saying the state legislature should increase spending on health care programs, while roughly two-thirds of Texans say the state should expand its Medicaid program.
Elena M. Marks June 14, 2018
Health insurance
Gain in Insurance Coverage and Residual Uninsurance Under the Affordable Care Act: Texas, 2013–2016
About 1 million Texans gained health care coverage due to the Affordable Care Act, according to new research by health policy fellows Vivian Ho and Elena Marks. The new findings published in the American Journal of Public Health examined the effects of the ACA’s Marketplace on Texas residents and determined which population subgroups benefited the most and the least.
Stephen Pickett, Elena M. Marks, Vivian Ho December 7, 2016