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Portrait of Charles Duncan
Remembering Charles Duncan, Jr.
“Charles Duncan represented the very best of his country, his state and his hometown. A native son of Houston, he was a no-nonsense corporate leader and Secretary of Energy for the United States who diligently maintained a laser-like focus on getting things done. Although his career took him around the world, Charles never lost his love for Houston, where he played a critical role as chairman of the Board of Rice University in the creation of the Baker Institute for Public Policy on that campus. My wife Susan and I will greatly miss him, and we send our deepest sympathy to his entire family.”
James A. Baker, III October 18, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II
Remembering Queen Elizabeth II
“A beautiful and bright light of honor, thoughtfulness and elegance went out today with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, whose 70-year reign was a beacon for her countrymen as well as those in the West who admired her enduring spirit.”
James A. Baker, III September 8, 2022
Mikhail Gorbachev and James A. Baker, IIII
Remembering Mikhail Gorbachev
“History will remember Mikhail Gorbachev as a giant who steered his great nation toward democracy. He played the critical role in a peaceful conclusion of the Cold War by his decision against using force to hold the empire together. I found him to be an honest broker and could count on his word despite domestic pressure in Moscow. The free world misses him greatly.”
James A. Baker, III August 30, 2022
Policy & Political Thoughts on the Current Crisis
"This pandemic and looming economic crisis will affect all of us ... The sooner we relearn how to set aside our differences and unite during this difficult moment, the stronger we will emerge from it," says James A. Baker, III, honorary chair of the Baker Institute.
James A. Baker, III April 6, 2020
A world without elephants
No one wants to imagine a world without elephants. But it's a distinct possibility unless the European Union and Japan ban ivory trade, Secretary James A. Baker, III, writes in an op-ed for USA Today: https://bit.ly/2OPclVj
James A. Baker, III November 19, 2018
A Conservative Answer to Climate Change
James A. Baker, III, and George P. Shultz — both former secretaries of state and Treasury secretaries — offer "A Conservative Answer to Climate Change" in a commentary for The Wall Street Journal.
James A. Baker, III February 15, 2017
Elephants Trumpet Ivory Ban
As secretary of state under President George H.W. Bush, James A. Baker, III, called for a total ban on international ivory trade. China's Dec. 30 announcement that it would completely close its domestic ivory market by the end of 2017 was hailed as a "game changer." In an op-ed in USA Today, Secretary Baker applauds the move by China and encourages President-elect Trump to restore bipartisan efforts to help revitalize elephant populations worldwide.
James A. Baker, III February 2, 2017
A call to end world ivory sales
Former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III, authored an op-ed advocating for the end of ivory sales worldwide and urging support for proposed congressional legislation that would bolster efforts to curb wildlife trafficking and elephant poaching.
James A. Baker, III August 22, 2016