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Baker Briefing: Intriguing Developments in China
In July, the Chinese government announced that its foreign minister, Qin Gang, had been removed from office and replaced by his predecessor, Wang Yi. Fellows Joe Barnes and Steven W. Lewis discuss what the move reveals — and what it could mean for U.S.-China relations — on this episode of Baker Briefing.
Joe Barnes, Steven W. Lewis September 7, 2023
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TikTok Bans, China and U.S. Data Security
TikTok — the China-owned app that is currently the most popular social platform in America — is at the center of a swirling geopolitical and economic debate. The app has faced criticism from U.S. government officials who say it gives China access to American data, making it a security risk. Here, we discuss the risks, the efficacy of bans, and consider the possibility of a TikTok-less America.
David M. Satterfield, Joe Barnes, Aynne Kokas, Steven W. Lewis February 2, 2023
This photo shows an industrial zone in China.
The Double-edged Sword: Guanxi and Science Ethics in Academic Physics in the People’s Republic of China
As China continues to open up to the transnational circulation of labor, ideas, technology and capital under globalization, one must wonder: will Chinese society’s more cosmopolitan and transnational groups continue to be guided by guanxi, the system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings?
Steven W. Lewis, Elaine Howard Ecklund, Di Di March 31, 2017