Student Delegations

Student Leaders of the 2015 Delegation

  • Walter “Hurst” Williamson, Student Director, History and Political Science ’15
    Walter “Hurst” Williamson ( is a senior at Rice University majoring in history and political science, with a focus on international relations. After graduating, he plans to pursue a career in diplomacy, and is particularly interested in evolving relationships between the United States and Africa. Hurst was born in Charlotte, N.C., and spent a number of years in Denver, Colo., before moving to Atlanta, G.A. In addition to working with the PDGP program, Hurst is the chair of the Rice Honor Council and a member of Spontaneous Combustion, Rice’s improvisational comedy troupe. Hurst was part of the 2013 and 2014 PDGP delegations.
  • Maithili Bagaria, Deputy Director for Editorial and Logistics, Political Science ’16
  • Dante Zakhidov, Deputy Director for Outreach and Social Media, Chemistry ’15

Student Leaders of the 2014 Delegation

  • Monica Matsumoto, Student Director, Asian Studies ’14
    Monica Matsumoto is a senior at Rice University majoring in Asian studies and minoring in biochemistry and cell biology. She spent June-December 2012 studying Arabic in Morocco and Jordan, and spent the 2009-10 academic year in Cairo, Egypt, through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth program. Monica plans to attend medical school after graduating from Rice and would also like to engage in international public health and shaping health policy, focusing on developing partnerships between the United States and the Arab world. She is an intern for Kirstin Matthews, Ph.D., in the Baker Institute Science and Technology Policy Program. Monica loves to play sports and is currently captaining the women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team. Monica was part of the 2012 and 2013 PDGP delegations.
  • Walter “Hurst” Williamson, Deputy Director for Editorial and Logistics, Political Science and History ’15
  • Zach Bielak, Deputy Director for Outreach and Social Media, Mechanical Engineering ’15

2014 Delegation

  • Peter Abraham, Religious Studies ’14
  • Maithili Bagaraia, Political Science ’16
  • Katherine Cai, Political Science and Policy Studies ’15
  • Michael Donatti, Mechanical Engineering ’16
  • Jacinta Leyden, Bioengineering ’14
  • Shayak Sengupta, Civil Engineering ’15
  • Matthew Stampfl, Chemistry and Policy Studies ’15
  • Melody Tan, Bioengineering ’16

Student Leaders of the 2013 Delegation

  • Rohini Sigireddi, Student Director, Chemistry, Policy Studies and Anthropology ’14
    Rohini Sigireddi is studying chemistry, policy studies, and anthropology. In addition to participating in the PDGP program, Rohini conducts nanotechnology research with the Laboratory for Nanophotonics at Rice and the Health, Humanism, and Society Scholars Programs. She has developed an educational outreach program, NanoForAll, which will introduce the world of nanotechnology to children in primary and secondary school. Rohini is currently collaborating with the Baker Institute to host its inaugural undergraduate public policy competition on the topic of health policy. She has traveled extensively including international science conferences to China and Japan. After graduation, Rohini plans to pursue a graduate degree in public policy, with a focus on science and health policy, followed by a degree in medicine. She hopes to work internationally to promote science and health policy, particularly regarding international healthcare. Rohini is a third-generation Indian-American and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. In 2012, she participated in the PDGP colloquium and co-led the discussion on Science Diplomacy.
  • Monica Matsumoto, Deputy Director for Editorial and Outreach, Asian Studies ’14
  • Sevita Rama, Deputy Director for Social Media and Logistics, Cognitive Science ’15

2013 Delegation

  • Zach Bielak, Mechanical Engineering ’15
  • Jacinta Leyden, Bioengineering ’14
  • Nathan Lo, Bioengineering ’13
  • George Romar, Asian Studies ’13
  • Shayak Sengupta, Civil Engineering ’15
  • Sabrina Toppa, Asian Studies and Policy Studies ’13
  • Carolina White, Bioengineering ’13
  • Hurst Williamson, Political Science and History ’15
  • Dante Zakhidov, Chemistry ’15

Student Leaders of the 2012 Delegation

  • Graham F. West, Student Director, Political Science, Asian Studies and History ’12
    Graham F. West studied Political Science, History, and Asian Studies with a focus on the Middle East. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduation, Graham will to travel to Tunisia for the US State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship as well as Lebanon on a grant from the Rice Department of History. He ultimately aspires to be a Foreign Service Officer. Graham became the Student Director of the PDGP program after having travelled to Cairo, Egypt in June 2010 for the inaugural PDGP colloquium.
  • Monica Matsumoto, Deputy Director, Biochemistry and Asian Studies ’14

2012 Delegation

  • Andrew Amis, Chemical Engineering ’14
  • Kareem Ayoub, Bioengineering ’12
  • Iman Kassir, Cognitive Sciences and Policy Studies ’15
  • David Liou, Biochemistry and Policy Studies ’12
  • Nathan Lo, Bioengineering ’13
  • Joe Pullano, Political Science and English ’12
  • Sevita Rama, Cognitive Sciences and the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality ’15
  • Raj Salhotra, Economics, Policy Studies and Classical Studies ’13
  • Rohini Sigireddi, Chemistry and Policy Studies ’14
  • Tara Slough, Music (Violin) and Political Science ’12

Student Leaders of the 2010-11 Delegation

  • Sean Graham, Student Director ’10
  • Tom Campbell, Deputy Director ’11

2010-11 Delegation

  • Shamoor Anis ’10
  • Michael Feldman ’10
  • Robin Richards ’11
  • Anastazija Ristovska ’13
  • Marc Sabbagh ’13
  • David Sorge ’11
  • Graham West ’12
  • Susan Wu ’10