Candidates for Governor of Puebla

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Below are the preliminary results reported by INE as of July 2. The official results will be published on July 4.




Martha Erika Alonso - Por Puebla al Frente

Martha Erika Alonso is the governor-elect of Puebla. She ran under the Por Puebla al Frente (the PAN, PRD and MC) alliance. She previously served as the party’s statewide secretary general. Alonso is also the wife of former Puebla Gov. Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, whose term ended last year. She has been noted as one of the most powerful female politicians in the state.  





Below are the candidates whose registrations were approved by the corresponding state electoral institute.

Juntos Haremos Historia



Miguel Barbosa

The Juntos Haremos Historia coalition nominated Miguel Barbosa as its gubernatorial candidate for Puebla. Though he was a member of the PRD when he was elected to his current position as senator for Puebla in the Mexican Congress, Barbosa left the party in support of MORENA and its presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.





Enrique Doger

Enrique Doger is the PRI nominee for governor in Puebla. Doger most recently served as an official for the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Puebla. He is former president of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) as well as a former mayor of the city of Puebla.


Nueva Alianza



José Alejandro Romero

José Alejandro Romero is the official New Alliance party gubernatorial candidate for Puebla. He is a lawyer and the former notary public of Huejotzingo.





Michel Chaín

Michel Chaín is the official PVEM gubernatorial candidate for Puebla. He was previously the secretary of competitiveness, labor and economic development for Puebla and was the head of Puebla’s Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism. He has a master’s in international sciences from the University of Groningen as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.



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