A Conversation with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

The Baker Institute recently welcomed the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, for a wide-ranging discussion on domestic and international affairs. The Honorable James A. Baker, III, made introductory remarks. In the conversation that followed with founding director Ambassador Edward Djerejian, Leader Pelosi addressed everything from health care reform to the ongoing crises in Ukraine and Syria. During an extended question-and-answer session with the audience, Leader Pelosi — who from 2007 to 2011 served as the first woman speaker of the house — shared her thoughts on succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated industry and touched on climate change, student loans, the state of American journalism and more. 

Click here to read a March 18, 2014, article in the Houston Chronicle about Pelosi's discussion at the Baker Institute.

Watch video of the event below: