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Founding director Ambassador Edward Djerejian, in Cannes for the 2012 meeting of the World Policy Conference, is interviewed by WPC-TV, above, about the turmoil in Syria, the Arab Awakening, and the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. 

"I am a fervent advocate of the two-state solution," said Djerejian. "If Israel as it defines itself as a democratic Jewish state wants to be so, there must be a two-state solution. I do not think that Israel can preserve its democratic and Jewish identity in a one-state solution."

From a demographic standpoint, "the Palestinian Arab population is simply multiplying at a much higher rate than the Jewish population, and over the years, the Jewish population will become more and more a minority in this one-state solution," Djerejian said.

Another important factor is technology. "With the advancement of technology and weapons of mass destruction, it is just too much of a gamble to live in a constant state of nonpeace with your neighbors."

Finally, there is the matter of ideology, Djerjeian said. "As long as the Palestinian issue is not resolved, it will be used and exploited by extremists for their own ends ... I think any Israeli prime minister should have as his or her first urgent priority to get a two-state solution sooner rather than later."

  • Watch the full Dec. 9, 2012, interview, above.