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U.S. sanctions likely after Venezuela elections

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called elections July 30 to choose a constituent assembly that would be granted sweeping powers, including the ability to rewrite the nation's constitution. This election has been widely opposed both domestically and internationally. Fellow Francisco J. Monaldi explored how the United States may respond with sanctions — and how they would affect the country — in an interview with Texas Standard (click below to play):  


Monaldi was also quoted in the following publications: 

ABC News via AP (July 31): What's next? New Venezuela assembly has vast powers
The Washington Post's Wonkblog (July 31): Say goodbye to $2.30 gas if Trump goes hard after Venezuela
Fox Business (July 30): U.S. weighs sanctions against Venezuela’s oil industry
L.A. Times (July 29): As Venezuelan election nears, more upheaval and cries of fraud