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With Comptroller Susan Combs" recent announcement that she will not run for re-election, "the Texas Republican Party faces the undesirable prospect of having its slate of candidates for statewide executive offices being entirely male in 2014," writes political science fellow Mark P. Jones in the Baker Institute Blog. "It stands to reason that the presence of an entirely male executive branch during the 2015-19 period would be detrimental to the Texas Republican Party"s broader image and long-term goals of retaining its majority status in Texas."

At present, only one Republican woman is actively seeking a statewide executive office (comptroller). The race for attorney general offers the most likely scenario for a Texas Republican woman being on the statewide slate, but it remains to be seen if any of the highly qualified women who could fill the spot "are willing to consider running, and if so, under what conditions," says Jones.

"Absent some proactive behavior by Republican elites during the remainder of 2013, come January 2015, Texas is very likely to find itself with an executive branch devoid of women."

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