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TX Legislature Considering Bills on School Vaccine Exemptions

Texas Senate Bill 1010 and House Bill 2249 would require public schools to provide the state with information on how many students in attendance have obtained non-medical immunization exemptions. This information would also be made available to parents, allowing them to make more informed decisions about potentially exposing their children to infectious diseases.

Kirstin R.W. Mathews, fellow in science and technology policy, co-authored an issue brief on the subject entitled How Too Much Freedom of Choice Endangers Public Health: The Effect of Nonmedical Exemptions from School-Entry Vaccinations in Texas. Mathews also recently met with lawmakers in Austin to discuss her research on vaccines and their efficacy.

Peter J. Hotez, fellow in disease and poverty, authored an op-ed in The New York Times on the growth of the "anti-vaxxer" movement—particularly in Texas—and how this could lead to epidemics of previously eradicated diseases.