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Neill Harris testifies on Texas drug possession penalties

Drug policy fellow Katharine Neill Harris recently testified before the Senate State Affairs Committee in support of HB 2593, which would reduce penalties for possession of some marijuana concentrate. "Under current law, possession of any amount of the [THC concentrate] is a felony, in the same category as drugs like heroin, meth and cocaine, and there is no rational basis for this classification," she said.

"HB 2593 would create a more reasonable penalty for the concentrates by treating them like other parts of the marijuana plant. It would also remove the stain of a felony conviction, the negative consequences of which affect all areas of a person's life and severely limit their education and job prospects."

Click here for more of her testimony, which starts at the 48:00 mark. 

Neill Harris is the Alfred C. Glassell, III, Fellow in Drug Policy.