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Syria on the "cusp of disintegration"

 While in France for the World Policy Conference, founding director Ambassador Edward Djerejian was interviewed by France 24 News about the political transitions in the Arab world, with a special focus on Egypt. The ambassador also discussed the crisis in Syria, and expressed hope for an agreement between Israel and Palestinians during Obama"s last term as president.

"It's very painful to see what is happening in Syria because it ... is an ethnic mosaic that has been living in multi-confessional harmony for centuries," Djerejian said. "To see this very rich society at the heart of the Arab world on the cusp of a major sectarian war, on the cusp of disintegration, is a human tragedy, a political tragedy. If Syria implodes, it will have a major impact on its very important neighbors, Turkey to the north, Lebanon to the west, Iraq to the east, Jordan and Israel to the south."

  • Watch the complete France 24 interview with Ambassador Edward Djerejian.