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Crisis in Syria

The agreement between the U.S. and Russia to secure Syria's chemical weapons stockpile has effectively put a hold on U.S. military action. The U.S. should use talks on weapons with Russia to help forge a political solution, founding director Ambassador Edward Djerejian told Bloomberg news in a recent interview.

The ambassador has been interviewed extensively by national and international news outlets since the crisis in Syria began. Click through the links below for his most recent comments:

  • Bloomberg

The ambassador comments on finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis.


  • CNN 

The ambassador comments on reports of President Assad's intent to hand over chemical weapons.



Comments on the crisis in Syria. (Click broadcast.)


  • C-SPAN’s "Washington Journal" (Click broadcast.) (Click broadcast.) (Click broadcast.) (Click broadcast.) (Click broadcast.)


  • Al Arabiya (United Arab Emirates)

Ex-US diplomat: Obama could strike Syria without congressional approval


  • (Germany)


  • Stars and Stripes

No military solution for Syria, says former ambassador


  •  Houston Chronicle (subscription required)

Former envoy: No military cure for Syria


Former US ambassador to Syria says Obama has tough choice


Ambassador Djerejian and other Middle East experts participated in a discussion with Rice students about Syria. Click here for a  newsletter on the event and a video of the