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In a recent Baker Institute blog post, Mark P. Jones, fellow in political science, discusses the recently blocked Texas Voter ID Law, which would have required voters to show valid, government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot.

Jones notes several obstacles to voting that would result from the implementation of the proposed legislation. Roughly 600,000 people would be disenfranchised with this new law in place, including a significant ethnic/racial and linguistic minority population, and obtaining the "free" ID would actually be costly in time and money to obtain. Jones also points to DOJ findings that there are few instances of voter impersonation reported at the polls, thus failing to demonstrate a need for such a law.

Though the proposed legislation is still being disputed, Jones notes that, "What is crystal clear at this point is that the Texas Voter ID law will not be in force for the May 12 local elections, May 29 primary elections and July 31 primary runoff elections."