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Now that Texas Gov. Rick has Perry dropped out of the Republican presidential primary, there are questions about his political future in Texas.

In this Baker Institute Blog post, Baker Institute political science fellow Mark P. Jones discusses how the governor"s image and influence might change because of his presidential run. Jones notes that Perry"s political reputation has undoubtedly been tarnished by his turn on the national political stage. However, his political savvy at the state level will allow him to remain an influential player throughout the last three years of his gubernatorial term. The long-term ramifications, Jones says, are not as promising:

"Support by Republican political insiders and major Republican donors for a Perry 2014 gubernatorial candidacy is without a doubt much more tepid today then this time last year. Expect an enhanced preference by these elites for another Republican to take the reins in 2015."

  • Read Jones" Jan. 17, 2012, Baker Institute Blog post "As Governor Perry comes back to Texas" on the Baker Institute Blog. Please note that the blog was written two days before Perry dropped out of the race for the GOP  nomination on Jan. 19, 2012.