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International Space Medicine Summit 2013


We may dream of another manned mission to the moon, or even a landing on Mars, but much more research is needed to prevent or mitigate the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges of such long-range travel. For the past seven years, the International Space Medicine Summit (ISMS), hosted by the Baker Institute and Baylor College of Medicine, has brought together the world's leading experts to discuss the research as well as ways to change policies that hinder international collaboration in space.

This year, NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden joined Baker Institute honorary chair James A. Baker, III, as well as space biomedical scientists, engineers, astronauts, cosmonauts and educators for the May 16-19 conference at the Baker Institute.

In a keynote address, Baker spoke of the need for international cooperation in an increasingly globalized landscape. "As we head into the future, I think that we need to build on the kinds of international relationships that have the potential for international cooperation," he said. "Developing cooperative efforts for further space exploration will allow us to save on the cost of space exploration, just as it will allow other countries to save as well. It can allow us to free our imaginations and harness our ingenuity to do bigger and better things. Then perhaps we can all explore the universe together, far beyond Earth's orbit and far beyond the moon."

Watch video of Baker's address above.

Additional presentations and discussions at ISMS 2013 are available here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the complete list.