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In this Feb. 15, 2009, opinion piece published in the Houston Chronicle, Kirstin Matthews, Baker Institute fellow and program manager of the Science and Technology Policy Program, urges President Obama to develop a broader, comprehensive policy to ensure stem cell research is conducted in a responsible, thoughtful and ethical manner. She also advocates a more active role by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Specifically, she supports the creation of an Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) board within the NIH to controversial research and recommend policies for the agency.

Matthews also advocates a ban on any effort to clone a human being, saying that such cloning has been denounced by scientists and policymakers around the world. She encourages the new administration to empower and utilize the resources of the NIH and the President's Council on Bioethics to maintain the United States' global leadership role in scientific research.

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