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Americans should expect no major departures in foreign policy during President Barack Obama"s second term, writes Joe Barnes, the institute's Bonner Means Baker Fellow, in the Baker Institute Blog. At one level, continuity "is not such a bad thing," he adds. "After all, the last time the United States made a dramatic change in our foreign policy -- by launching a major war of choice against Iraq -- the results were disastrous. And the challenges confronting the United States in the international arena, though real, are not amenable to dramatic new initiatives on practical or political grounds." There is one area where we might see a change, at least in emphasis, Barnes says."The Obama administration could give a higher priority to negotiating bilateral and perhaps regional trade agreements in Latin America and around the Pacific Rim."


For the full story, read "Foreign policy in Obama's second term" in the Jan. 18, 2012, Baker Institute Blog.