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Earlier this year, the Baker Institute published a set of policy recommendations that aim to provide guidance to President Obama on a range of significant public policy issues, from energy to tax reform. Within each issue area, institute fellows and scholars offer an analytic overview of opportunities, challenges and possible solutions.

The Baker Institute is highlighting each of the essays in a series of posts in this space. This week, Joe Barnes, Bonner Means Baker Fellow, urges the president to "adopt a balancing strategy" in foreign policy that "reduces unnecessary commitments and enhances our flexibility." Such an approach recognizes that the "world is shifting -- slowly but inexorably -- toward a multi-polar system," Barnes writes. "The United States will continue to be the most powerful country in the world for the foreseeable future. But we will not be able to regain the unique position we had in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War. Other countries, notably China, will be seeking a greater role in international affairs."