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The Baker Institute will hold a conference in December that aims to explore U.S. and European policy responses to climate change and to analyze how future international policies, including the possibility of a cap-and-trade system, might evolve. The goal is to facilitate a positive trans-Atlantic exchange of ideas with our allies.

Learn more about the Dec. 15 conference, "Emerging U.S. Climate Policy: Trans-Atlantic Approaches and Market Harmonization." 

Read "You, Your Car and Energy Policy: Sustaining Conservation on the Road," an opinion piece by Baker Institute fellows Amy Myers Jaffe and Ken Medlock.

Jaffe was featured as an expert in a Wall Street Journal article on Nov. 17. Read the article, "How to Kick Our Oil Addiction Despite Plunging Oil Prices."

Read the conference report to the February 2008 event "Beyond Science: The Economics and Politics of Responding to Climate Change."