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Elevating China’s leader to the level of Mao

The October 18 opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Beijing was accompanied by moves to further consolidate President Xi Jinping as the CPC’s central authority. At the same time, the release of an applause app to support Xi was thought to be part of a marketing strategy to draw young people to the Party.

"What is more disturbing than the app is the way traditional Chinese State media has begun to change how they reference Xi," said China studies fellow Steve Lewis in an interview with Wired UK. The media has begun to use the title “lingxiu” or “leader,” which in the past referred to Mao Zedong. “Ideologically, the Party has elevated his words to new communist scripture, referencing them as Xi Jinping Thought” which all Party members must follow, Lewis said. 

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