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Baker Institute fellows and scholars travel around the world for summer research

Summer 2012 Map

Graduation is over at Rice University and most students have left for the summer.

But that doesn't mean school is completely out. As the interactive map above illustrates, summer is a prime time for Baker Institute fellows and scholars interested in researching and connecting with colleagues outside of the classroom and around the world.

Over the next three months, our fellows and scholars will crisscross the United States, visiting San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York. Their global footprint will be even more impressive -- trips are planned to Turkey, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, China and many other countries.

In some cases, scholars and fellows will attend conferences and programs; in other cases, they will be networking for future collaborations. Some will also be conducting research for future projects.

"I am going to Japan to present at a stem cell conference to give our stem cell policy program and the Baker Institute more visibility, as well as to build foundations for future collaborations," said Baker Institute science and technology policy fellow Kirstin Matthews. "The summer is a really good time for me to focus on research because, unlike the rest of the year, I'm not teaching classes."