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As the crisis in Syria deepens following last month's chemical weapons attack on civilians, media outlets from C-SPAN to Al Jazeera have sought founding director Edward Djerejian's insights on the possible risks and benefits of U.S. military action.

"Military action alone is not a policy, there has to be a political strategy. If the military action is wedded to a political strategy that could lead to a political solution, then I would be for it," Djerejian, a former ambassador to Syria and Israel, told Al Arabiya. "By that I mean what happens after the military action to bring Syrians to a political solution to this tragic crisis. There is no military solution for the Syrian crisis, there is only a political solution, and this is going to involve very serious diplomacy to get a political transition in place in Syria that would eventually lead to a post-Assad regime. "

Click through the links below to read or watch the interviews with Ambassador Djerejian, described as "one of the most seasoned hands in American diplomacy in the Middle East."



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