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Nature-Based Solutions

Atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) contributes to climate change, which disproportionately affects poor and marginalized populations. Rural communities have long been disadvantaged relative to the urban and industrial centers that are focal points for economic activity and CO2 emissions. A soil carbon market is a Texan approach that addresses both of these issues as part of a long-term solution. We will implement a Texas soil carbon storage market that utilizes photosynthesis to abate atmospheric CO2 by storing it as organic matter in soils of prairies, farms, ranches and grasslands of Texas. This provides an important economic benefit to both landowners and emitters (such as the oil, gas, plastics and petrochemicals industries), as well as a basis for an expanded rural economy. It also benefits Texas’ water supply, contributes to flood resilience in coastal regions, and restores local ecosystems.

Experts Jim BlackburnCaroline A. Masiello and Kenneth B. Medlock III are the principal investigators for this project. 


BCarbon: A New Soil Carbon Storage Standard


Texas Dirt: The Key to Environment, Economy and Resilience