Cultural Baggage May 16, 2010

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It's not only inhumane, it is really fundamentally un-American..... 'NO MORE' 'DRUG WAR' 'NO MORE' 'DRUG WAR' 'NO MORE' 'DRUG WAR' 'NO MORE' 'DRUG WAR'

My Name is Dean Becker. I don't condone or encourage the use of any drugs, legal or illegal. I report the unvarnished truth about the pharmaceutical, banking, prison and judicial nightmare that feeds on eternal drug war.

Alright. Welcome to this edition of Cultural Baggage. My name is Dean Becker. Our guest for this program will be, Mr. Barry Cooper. A former Texas narc, who a few years back decided he was for doing something different. He started up a website and started producing videos. Talking about how 'not to get busted'.

He's of late, started working on busting some of these cops for their outrageous behavior and has had to suffer some consequences, for that action. With that, let's go ahead and bring in our guest, Mr. Barry Cooper.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Well hello, Dean. Glad to be back with you.

Dean Becker: Barry, it's good to have you on here with us. You know, we're trying to awaken, enlighten, embolden people to the truth of this matter. Are we not?

Mr. Barry Cooper: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, it's coming through loud and clear in America now, that citizens are fed up with the lies that our government has been feeding us. We hope we've had a part in that, with 'NeverGetBusted' and 'KopBusters'.

Dean Becker: Now Barry, the video series has been rather successful. Trying to educate people on how to go about, maybe traveling with a little bit of contraband in the car. Correct?

Mr. Barry Cooper: Oh, yeah. Well, it goes further than that. Both of my videos, the Never Get Busted DVD series, actually teaches everything. It teaches how to grow marijuana and 'not get busted'. It teaches how to travel with it. It teaches how to sell it safely, without being raided. It teaches how to fool K-9's. I took all the information, as one of our nations top Drug Enforcement Agents and I put that in the videos to teach citizens how not to be put in a cage, for marijuana.

Dean Becker: Barry, over the years that I've known you, I've been aware of your work to educate some of the attorneys, as well. To disregard what some of these drug sniffing dogs are all about and the failure of these dogs to actually do the job they're suppose to do. Right?

Mr. Barry Cooper: Yeah, yeah. In fact, you were with me in Houston, not too long ago, when I teaching a class to a group of lawyers there. On how police make their drug dogs 'false alert', so they can gain permission to search. I've got a chapter dedicated to that in Traffic Stops, volume 1, that teaches the insides and outs of K-9's. It totally dispels all the myths out there and people just don't know.

But like you said, it's been a really successful series and we get emails everyday of people saying, 'Hey, that tip worked. Thank you. It kept me out of jail.'

Dean Becker: Now Barry, we're talking about some successful efforts here and you have had some success as well, in setting up stings, if you will. What was it? A year and a half ago before the Christmas season, you had a grow house set up that was growing Christmas trees and the cops busted in expecting to do another major bust. But it, once again, put some major 'egg on their face', did it not?

Mr. Barry Cooper: That's right. The police had planted drugs on a Yolanda Madden, in Odessa. She had already served four years of an eight year prison term and I snuck into that town with my detectives. We rented a house and turned on a marijuana grow light.

But we only had two Christmas trees underneath it, two little small Christmas trees, and they raided the house, only to find a sign that said, 'You're part of a reality show called, KopBusters.' Because of that, the Federal Judge released Yolanda from prison about five months ago. So it's very effective and it worked.

Dean Becker: We're speaking with Barry Cooper, of KopBusters. Barry, a more recent set up, sting if you will, was done. Was it with the cops in Williamson County? Tell us briefly, if you will, about that sting.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Well, coming off the success of getting Yolanda out of Federal Prison, I placed a bag in front of a Williamson County police officer, without his knowledge of my filming him from the woods nearby. The bag had a hidden GPS, where I could track him when he took the bag. It has a simulated crack pipe, a drug ledger and forty-five dollars. We filmed him throwing the bag away and keeping the forty-five dollars.

Five days later, the Williams County Sheriffs Department raided my house, on a misdemeanor warrant. Cops never raid on misdemeanors, and they seized all of my video equipment and tapes, surrounding my catching that officer that took the drug money.

So we're in a big court battle with my son now, because CPS got involved. They actually cleared us. But we're still in court fighting a family battle case over that. We lost our son, simply because we were retaliated on, from catching that crooked cop.

Dean Becker: You know folks, we have, over the years, tried to educate you to the full truth of this matter and there's a situation here that I know Barry will have some comments to make. I think it was Monday of this week, a gentleman up in Vancouver, his name is Marc Emery, who spent most of his life campaigning for the legalization of marijuana.

Well, he was imprisoned. He's to be extradited to the United States, for selling seeds, marijuana seeds to Americans. It's rather bizarre that he was designated one of the top ten drug traffickers in the World, by the Drug Enforcement Administration and here's a quote from the DEA.

I believe it was the head of the DEA stated, “Today, DEA's arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine and the founder of a marijuana legalization group, is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the US and Canada, but also to the Marijuana Legalization Movement.” Your thoughts on that, Barry Cooper.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Well, Marc and his wife Jodie are dear friends to Candi and I. We stay in very close contact with them. We talk to them weekly and sometimes daily. They did decide to arrest Marc and he's going to be spending five years in a prison, here in America, for selling marijuana seeds. It's a political agenda you just read, what the head of the DEA said.

What's even more sad, is that the Canadian Government buckled to the 'bullying' of the U S Government and released Marc Emery into our custody, for something that's only a two hundred dollar fine in Canada. Marc and Jodie Emery have done as much or more for the movement in America, than anybody I know.

He made millions of dollars selling those seeds. But he's got proof and he showed it in court, that he paid taxes on that and he gave most of that money away to United States marijuana legalization movements. It's just sad that he has to spend five years in prison for that and if I have anything to do with it, we're going to work and try to get him out, like we got Yolanda out.

Part of me went to prison when Marc went to prison. It's very sad. It's ridiculous. It's insane and I hope Canada and America feel safer, now that they have Marc Emery locked up. I mean, he's the sweetest guy in the world. He's totally non-violent. He's never even hit anybody in his life and he's going to have to do five years in Federal Prison, for selling seeds.

I'm appalled, I'm sad and I think other Americans are as well. You know we're on the cusp of the end of marijuana prohibition. The Americans are figuring it out. The old people that made those laws and are enforcing those laws, are dying everyday. They're getting seventy and eighty years old and the younger crew is coming up and we're going to win this thing. So, I have hope.

Dean Becker: I'm with you Barry and I also want to underline that I had a chance to stay at an apartment, owned by Marc and Jodie and it shows his kindness. I want to also state this out loud. I've said it every time I've talked about Marc Emery. But a few years back, when the Drug Truth Network was near cratering, he sent me a monthly stipend. To make sure that there was a roof over my computer. {chuckling} So that I could continue doing this work.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Oh, wow. Wow.

Dean Becker: It's just an outrage. It is an outrage and what is the point of all this? Marc Emery will be only the latest of millions upon millions of people, to be in prison for possessing or selling marijuana. Where is the advantage?

We had a great AP article came out this week, talking about just that fact, didn't it Barry? That there is no benefit. Where is the benefit from this drug war? Two thousand words or more, talking in that regard. Your thoughts on that AP piece?

Mr. Barry Cooper: I think it was a great article. I was impressed that the AP reported all the statistics they reported and basically the bottom line was, the drug war has failed. The new administration that we have, including the Attorney General for the United States, they're trying to steer this in a direction of rehabilitation, instead of imprisonment. Although, they threw more money, this year, at DEA than ever before and raised their budget.

So they're saying one thing and doing another. But I have a sneaky suspicion that they're saying these things to get everybody use to it. Because I really believe the end of prohibition of marijuana, is right around the corner and I know NeverGetBusted and KopBusters and Barry Cooper and my wife and our crew and the rest of the citizens that have been supporting us, we are not going to quit until they release every single 'drug war' prisoner and Americans are free to walk around without fear of going to a cage, for smoking pot. Period.

Dean Becker: Period. I'm with you.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Till that's all resolved and that's what we're going to keep doing.

Dean Becker: Certainly that's what we'll continue to do here at the Drug Truth Network, as well. But Barry, you keep up the good work and we'll be in touch soon. Barry, once again your website?

Mr. Barry Cooper: It's full of free tips that I teach, on how not to go to jail for marijuana. There's some really good information, there.

Dean Becker: Alright, Barry Cooper. Thank you so much.

Mr. Barry Cooper: Yes, sir. Thank you, Dean.

Dean Becker: Bye-bye.

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Criminals get so embolden
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Can't tell the policemen what you know
Got no recourse to the law

Bad guys duct tape and beat ya
They're just lookin' for that easy score
They will rob, rape and kill ya
'cause we got no recourse to the law.

This is Dr. Bob Melameade, Professor at the University of Colorado Springs. As well as, I'm CEO and President of Cannabis Science.

Dean Becker: Robert, I look at it this way. That eventually, Cannabis is going to be a business and it's certainly going to be based is science. Once we're allowed to do the studies necessary to properly evaluate it's many uses. Correct?

Dr. Robert Melameade: Well that's actually, exactly what we're trying to do. I mean, I am a specialist in the science of Cannabis and that's why we formed the company Cannabis Science, so that I could use my scientific knowledge and understanding to wedge open the ignorance that has created the current legal and regulatory status.

We have a very unique company. In the sense that, most people only invest in companies 'cause they want to make money. What we're doing, is we're giving people the opportunity to invest in change. All of our members of our company for the most part, certainly all of our higher level members, we are all (no pun intended - higher level members), we are all Cannabis patients.

So we are very cognitive from personal points of view of the benefits of Cannabis. But as a scientist, who specializes in Cannabis science and having taught courses on it for nine years now, I have extensive understanding of the cannabinoid system and how it interrelates with life. Because my whole life, my scientific inquiries have been devoted to trying to understand the living process.

I feel quite content at this point, that I have some novel perspectives on that. As well as novel perspectives as to how the cannabinoid system and Medical Marijuana integrate into my greater understanding. So what we're doing with our company again, is by providing people of consciousness really, the ability to coalesce through us as a spearhead for change, by forcing the scientific issue.

So the more people invest in our company, Cannabis Science (CBIS), what they're doing is they're arming us. To bring Cannabis based medicines through the FDA, so that on one hand that would completely eliminate the nonsense that there's no medical value. Because we're going to be doing the clinical trials to show that and to end that classification.

But on the other hand, we will be providing Cannabis based medicines, once we achieve that end, to every pharmacy, in every state. So that any doctor can prescribe an FDA approved medicine, that would be covered by health care.

So essentially what we want to do, is we want have peoples' Cannabis medical needs met, by insurance companies under Federal Government. It's about time that they stopped robbing us and imprisoning us and started supporting us. That's our ultimate aim, so that anybody can get Cannabis in any state and any pharmacy and have it covered by the Federal Government and our Healthcare system.

Dean Becker: Robert, I remember from prior discussions, you talked about the forward looking people and you also talked about the backward looking people. The ones who are afraid of opening this discussion and who have, for too long, stood in the way of progress. Correct?

Dr. Robert Melameade: Well yeah, that's my flip story. Backwards looking and forwards looking people. I think that this is a very profound phenomena , that we have to educate people with respect to. I'm quite convinced that it's on a sound scientific platform. But essentially, we all have three areas essentially. Three focuses, that we apply our mind to; our consciousness to.

We can either be projecting into the unknowns of the future. We could look backwards at the known's of the past. Or we can be experiencing the 'now' and different people distribute differently. With different frequencies into those three areas. It's my contention that people who are deficient in their endocannabinoid activity, with respect to open-mindedness. The cannabinoid activity is a key regulator of open-mindedness.

Essentially what that means is, the ability to re-learn something. Not to learn something the first time. But to re-learn something and if you use your logic, you'll see that. If you want to replace old information with new improved information, you essentially have to forget the old information. One of the basic principals of life, is that there's always a balance of opposing forces.

So in this situation, we're looking at the balance between remembering and forgetting and if you want to replace old information with new information, you have to forget the old information and that's regulated by our endocannabinoid system. So that's intrinsically true, that in a population of people looking at this one specific phenotype, open-mindedness, you're going to have people above average and below average.

I believe that there are consequences to that. In that historically, if you look at the nature of power in humanity, it's occurred as a result of aggression. Pooling of forces, rather than intellectually examining what's best at trying to determine things cooperatively.

So the backwards looking people are, in my mind, the people who're trying to create a future that's based on the past. Those people are the people I believe who have a lower cannabinoid activity, with respect to open-mindedness. Now the fact that they spend time looking in the past and they want their vision of the future to become the past, that gives them an intrinsic power. Because you have a bunch of people who their vision of the future is based on what's already happened.

So essentially what I'm saying is, 'un-high' people. People who have lower cannabinoid activity, are the people who are running the show in our country. These are the people who - by virtue of their biochemistry, their genetics, their life experiences, they tend to shun cannabiniod Cannabis use or cannabinoid enhancement, through cannabinoid use. Because they're deficient in that activity and that makes them uncomfortable with it.

Now you contrast that with the forward looking people, people who don't know what the future holds, they agree to disagree. So coopertivity, rather than aggression and dogma, are that platform that they work off of and we all know that one of the characteristics, it's been scientifically demonstrated. One of the characteristics of people who use Cannabis, is that they're optimistic.

Well, what does optimism mean? It means that you look into the unknowns of the future and you're confident that you're going to adapt to it. Because you happen to have enough cannabinoid activity and cannabinoid activity promotes open-mindedness. The flexibility of how we interface with the world. We don't have a dogma as what the future is going to be.

What we do is we agree to cooperate and try to find the best solution. At this point in mans evolution, we need to do that more than ever, because of how we are impacting on our environment. If we can't make intelligent science based, rather than outdated dogma based ideas. If we can't make policies based on our best available analysis of mans impact on our environment, then humanity is going to go the way of so many other species. We'll go extinct.

So we need more cannabinoid activity in the human population. We can get that, to a limited degree, by eating esential fatty acids. But more profoundly, we get it by consuming Cannabis. So at this point, my opinion is that for modern man. For modern man to adapt appropriately, we need more Cannabis activity. That essentially means that Cannabis consumption should be viewed as a necessary nutrient. It shouldn't even be viewed as a drug. That taking the right quantities to make us healthier, because of it's anti-aging properties, is what's necessary.

Aging affects us not only on an individual level, but on the collective level of our society. If you look historically, all of the great societies of history grew up, aged and died. Unless we can create a society that's based on continued change and embracing the novelty of the future, in a way that's based on science and creating a constructive sustainable world. Than we will too, go the way of both. With respect to our society. But ultimately, with respect to our species as well. Extinction.

Dean Becker: Alright. We've been speaking with Dr. Robert Melameade, of Cannabis Science. Please, point folks to your website.

Dr. Robert Melameade: Yeah. Our website is We are a fully reporting Bulletin Board Company. on the exchange. What we are trying to use, is the resources of people nationally, through the stock market. We're moving into financial revenue streams, within the State of Colorado. So that people who support the products, that we'll be providing and developing within the state, will all be going towards our National effort. Of bringing Cannabis medicine through the FDA.


That is the sound of the American society, economy, the people, shooting themselves in the foot.


Continuously. {gunshot}

Twenty-four hours per day. {gunshot}

Seven days per week. {gunshot}

For eternity. {gunshot}

In order to wage the war on drugs. {gunshot} Ahhhhh.

Please visit

My names Paul Armentano. I'm the Deputy Director of NORML. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and I'm also co-author of the book, 'Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink.'

Dean Becker: Paul, there's just so much information breaking about the drug war all across the county. In fact around the world, kind of showing it's failure. Perhaps nowhere is it so egregious as it is in regards to a situation I hear about that in some states. That the users of Medical Marijuana are denied transplants. Because of that use. You want to talk about that?

Mr. Paul Armentano: Well, this is a National trend. It's not just relegated to a handful of states or hospitals or localities. We're aware of this happening in Oregon. We're aware of this happening in Hawaii. We're aware of this happening all around the country.

What is happening, is that patients who use marijuana medicinally, even in states that have legalized such use. If they have a medical condition that requires them to need an organ transplant, specifically a liver transplant, these patients are being classified as drug abusers. Because of their medical use of marijuana. Now this classification is very significant. Because drug abusers are removed from the organ transplant list. Which means that these individuals will not be able to get the lifesaving treatment that they need.

What is happening, is that these patients who are using a drug under a physicians supervision, in accordance with their law, are being discriminated against. Because of outdated notions from the Federal Government and from some in the medical establishment, that refuse to acknowledge that marijuana has legitimate medical value and they are simply taking these people and are falsely categorizing them as people who are high risk drug abusers and they are being taken off the transplant list.

As a result, these patients are dying, because they are being forbidden from receiving the type of surgeries and medical oversight that they require. It's tragic.

Dean Becker: Too often these residual lies, if you will, these fables that were spawned a hundred years ago, are still being used by too many within Government, and I expect the administration, of these medical facilities. To justify what they're doing. Your thought?

Mr. Paul Armentano: Well, the example we're talking about today. Taking these patients, denying them life saving medical treatment, is the end result of the propaganda war and the cultural war that for seventy plus years, the Federal Government and Law Enforcement has waged upon the marijuana plant and the marijuana user. If you don't have that stigmatization; if you don't have that culture war, as a society we would never accept letting these people die. Because that's what taking them off the transplant list does. It assures that they are going to die.

When we talk about ending marijuana prohibition, when we talk about ending the war on marijuana users, we are talking about making changes that ultimately will save lives. Lives that we're losing now, because the Federal Government is engaging in this long standing propaganda campaign and enforcement of selected laws against selected individuals who are using a safer medication, in many instances, than the over-the-counter drugs and the prescription drugs that are currently available.

Dean Becker: Alright. Once again, we've been speaking with Mr. Paul Armentano. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Paul, point folks to your website, please.

Mr. Paul Armentano: The website for NORML is

Dean Becker: Well, that's about it. Please tune into this weeks Century of Lies program, when our guest will be Irvin Rosenfeld. One of the four surviving recipients of marijuana, supplied by the Federal Government. He has a brand new book on the shelves, 'My Medicine' and as I was discussing with former narcotics officer, Barry Cooper. Because of this policy of prohibition, you and your family are in greater danger than if these drugs were taxed, regulated and controlled.

Again I remind you, because of prohibition, you don't know what's in that bag. Please, be careful.

To the Drug Truth Network listeners around the world, this is Dean Becker for Cultural Baggage and the unvarnished truth.

This show produced at the Pacifica studios of KPFT, Houston.

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