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Statement from James A. Baker, III



James A. Baker, III, released the following statement on the death of Sen. John McCain:

“John McCain was a true American patriot and hero whose sacrifices for his nation were not only of the highest order, they provide a reminder that each of us has a duty to make our democracy the best it can be. His bravery during military service was matched by his determination as a Senator to craft legislation that could be accepted on both sides of our political divideJame. My wife, Susan, joins me in sending our best wishes to his wife Cindy McCain, his family and everyone associated with this great American, who will be greatly missed.” 

Secretary Baker also published an op-ed on "John McCain and the Dying Art of Political Compromise" in the Aug. 29 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

"The death of Sen. John McCain is not just a moment to commemorate the life of an extraordinary man; it is an occasion to reflect on his principles," he wrote.  "McCain was a hero and patriot, but he also was a politician who understood the importance of compromise. A staunch Republican, he nonetheless was able to reach across the aisle when he thought the interests of the American people demanded it. Few lawmakers today follow McCain's example of compromise."  

Click here to read the commentary in full (subscription required).