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var twentyfifth = [ {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/863/72x66/crop/90/031518-MEXZoellick-2a8ee.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/863/640x640/constrain/90/031518-MEXZoellick-2a8ee.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/863/800x800/constrain/90/031518-MEXZoellick-2a8ee.jpg',title:'The Honorable Robert Zoellick, former president of the World Bank and former deputy U.S. secretary of state, meets with Rice University students in the R. Stockton Rush Conference Center ahead of his Baker Institute McLarty Lecture Series talk on North American trade policy. (March 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/865/72x66/crop/90/032818-PEPAxelrad-Rove-2aa96.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/865/640x640/constrain/90/032818-PEPAxelrad-Rove-2aa96.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/865/800x800/constrain/90/032818-PEPAxelrad-Rove-2aa96.jpg',title:'CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, center, moderates a discussion on presidential elections between prominent political strategists David Axelrod, left, and Karl Rove, right. The conversation was the keynote event of the Presidential Elections Program\u0027s inaugural conference, which examined the roles social media and changing demographics played in the 2016 presidential election. (March 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/864/72x66/crop/90/041818-DLSKasich-2aa67.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/864/640x640/constrain/90/041818-DLSKasich-2aa67.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/864/800x800/constrain/90/041818-DLSKasich-2aa67.jpg',title:'Ohio governor and 2016 presidential candidate John Kasich, right, shares his perspectives on current U.S. politics during an armchair conversation with Baker Institute director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian. The event was part of the Director\u0027s Lecture Series. (April 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/866/72x66/crop/90/051718-Baker-Rubenstein-2abb7.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/866/640x640/constrain/90/051718-Baker-Rubenstein-2abb7.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/866/800x800/constrain/90/051718-Baker-Rubenstein-2abb7.jpg',title:'Financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein, left, interviews Secretary James A. Baker, III, about his leadership experience and his distinguished career in senior government positions under three U.S. presidents. The conversation was recorded for an episode of Rubenstein’s eponymous show on Bloomberg TV. (May 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/869/72x66/crop/90/091318-CS-Cerf-2b092.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/869/640x640/constrain/90/091318-CS-Cerf-2b092.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/869/800x800/constrain/90/091318-CS-Cerf-2b092.jpg',title:'Vint Cerf, vice president and chief internet evangelist at Google, visits with students at Lawrence E. Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas, as part of the Baker Institute’s Civic Scientist Program. Cerf, credited as one of the “fathers of the internet,” later gave a lecture at the institute on the challenges of maintaining a free and open internet. (September 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/867/72x66/crop/90/092018-CEIP-EPD-2adb3.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/867/640x640/constrain/90/092018-CEIP-EPD-2adb3.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/867/800x800/constrain/90/092018-CEIP-EPD-2adb3.jpg',title:'Baker Institute director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian presents the findings of a joint report with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on the prospects of a one\u002Dstate or two\u002Dstate solution for Israeli\u002DPalestinian peace. (September 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/868/72x66/crop/90/100118-Romney-2af27.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/868/640x640/constrain/90/100118-Romney-2af27.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/868/800x800/constrain/90/100118-Romney-2af27.jpg',title:'Gov. Mitt Romney poses for photos with Rice University students after participating in an armchair conversation with Baker Institute director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian on leadership, public service and the responsibilities that come with both. (October 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/870/72x66/crop/90/100318-PersianGulfEnergy-2b0f1.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/870/640x640/constrain/90/100318-PersianGulfEnergy-2b0f1.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/870/800x800/constrain/90/100318-PersianGulfEnergy-2b0f1.jpg',title:'The Baker Institute Center for the Middle East and Center for Energy Studies co\u002Dhost a conference exploring how current energy and political transitions in the Persian Gulf may impact U.S. energy and security interests in the region. (October 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/871/72x66/crop/90/101118-CES-BBotts-2b30a.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/871/640x640/constrain/90/101118-CES-BBotts-2b30a.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/871/800x800/constrain/90/101118-CES-BBotts-2b30a.jpg',title:'The Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies and Baker Botts LLP co\u002Dhost their second annual summit on global energy transitions. This year’s event provided a forum for key market players and decision\u002Dmakers to discuss the future of the dynamic energy industry, ranging from oil and gas to electricity, renewables and technology. (October 2018) ',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/872/72x66/crop/90/101518-Friedman-2b4d2.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/872/640x640/constrain/90/101518-Friedman-2b4d2.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/872/800x800/constrain/90/101518-Friedman-2b4d2.jpg',title:'New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize\u002Dwinning author Thomas L. Freidman signs copies of his book \u0022Thank You for Being Late\u0022 following his Director\u0027s Lecture Series talk on overcoming the stresses of the current fast\u002Dpaced age. (October 2018) ',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/880/72x66/crop/90/101618-CHB-UnivHealth-886be.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/880/640x640/constrain/90/101618-CHB-UnivHealth-886be.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/880/800x800/constrain/90/101618-CHB-UnivHealth-886be.jpg',title:'Experts on health care delivery in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Taiwan participated in a Baker Institute Center for Health and Biosciences conference that examined the strengths and challenges of universal health coverage. From l\u002Dr, Farhan Majid, Chi\u002DMan \u0022Winnie\u0022 Yip, Stephanie Stock, Mark Stabile, Anita Charlesworth and CHB director Vivian Ho. (October 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/874/72x66/crop/90/101818-NorthAmTrade-2b68a.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/874/640x640/constrain/90/101818-NorthAmTrade-2b68a.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/874/800x800/constrain/90/101818-NorthAmTrade-2b68a.jpg',title:'From l\u002Dr, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Baker Institute Center for Public Finance director John W. Diamond and former Mexico Secretary of the Economy Bruno Ferrari discuss the state of North American trade and the potential impact of the newly announced United States\u002DMexico\u002DCanada Agreement. (October 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/876/72x66/crop/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-2-2ba06.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/876/640x640/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-2-2ba06.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/876/800x800/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-2-2ba06.jpg',title:'Grammy award\u002Dwinning singer Michelle Williams sings \u0022Amazing Grace\u0022 as the invocation for the Baker Institute\u0027s 25th anniversary gala. (November 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/875/72x66/crop/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-1-2b9fc.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/875/640x640/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-1-2b9fc.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/875/800x800/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-1-2b9fc.jpg',title:'Baker Institute director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian is joined onstage by gala co\u002Dchairs Franci Neely, John L. Nau III and Andrea White as he delivers welcoming remarks at the 25th anniversary gala. (November 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/877/72x66/crop/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-3-2bc8d.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/877/640x640/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-3-2bc8d.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/877/800x800/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-3-2bc8d.jpg',title:'Former President Barack Obama, the guest of honor at the 25th anniversary gala, and the institute\u0027s honorary chair Secretary James A. Baker, III, participate in an armchair discussion on bipartisanship moderated by presidential historian Jon Meacham (center). (November 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/878/72x66/crop/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-4-2bebb.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/878/640x640/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-4-2bebb.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/878/800x800/constrain/90/112718-25thAnnivGala-4-2bebb.jpg',title:'Distinguished guests who attended the 25th anniversary gala included Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, former Houston Mayor Bill White and current Mayor Sylvester Turner, among other political and philanthropic leaders. (November 2018)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/879/72x66/crop/90/120618-CPF-EconGrowth-2beec.jpg',image:'/media/cached/photos/879/640x640/constrain/90/120618-CPF-EconGrowth-2beec.jpg',big:'/media/cached/photos/879/800x800/constrain/90/120618-CPF-EconGrowth-2beec.jpg',title:'Economist Martin Feldstein, president emeritus of the National Bureau of Economic Research, presents a keynote address on maintaining future economic growth as part of the Center for Public Finance\u0027s conference on prospects for economic growth in the United States. The talk was one of two public events in the conference, which also included private workshops with prominent U.S. economists. (December 2018)',description:''} ]

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