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What is the Baker Institute for Public Policy?

The Baker Institute for Public Policy (BIPP) is a nonpartisan, data-driven policy institute located on the campus of Rice University. The institute’s highly respected research, analysis and recommendations have informed the decisions of policymakers, business leaders, academics and the public for almost 30 years.

The institute’s intern program offers Rice undergraduates paid internships for up to 10 hours per week in research or administration. Research interns work directly with institute fellows and scholars on national and international policy issues. Administrative interns work with senior staff to provide essential support in finance, events, editorial, graphics, development and general daily operations.

How does the application process work?

Internships are available on an as-needed basis. Based on performance, many institute interns are retained from one semester to another and may even work until graduation. Most positions become available near the beginning of each semester, and not all programs need interns every semester.

Applicants are encouraged to note specific areas within the Baker Institute that are of peak interest. For information about the institute’s Centers and Programs, please visit

Applications are submitted by email and should include documents outlined in the section below: What should be included in the application? Send all documents in one email to Christine Pfeffer at, who will forward it to all Baker Institute hiring managers. The email should include information about particular areas of interest within the Baker Institute. Interested hiring managers will contact applicants directly should there be an opportunity. NOTE: The department(s) in which the applicant is interested may not currently be hiring, so applicants may be contacted by other departments that are.

What should be included in the application?

  • Letter of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation should be written by someone who has been responsible for evaluating the applicant’s academic or professional work and include details about the applicant’s unique qualifications.
  • Résumé: Brief overview of work experience and education with an emphasis on the applicant’s skill sets.
  • Cover Letter: Cover letters should clearly communicate field(s) of interest and include any additional information not found elsewhere in the application.
  • NOTE: Please send all documents in one email to