Constantino Urcuyo

Constantino Urcuyo

Nonresident Fellow, Latin America Initiative
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Constantino Urcuyo, Ph.D., is the academic director of the Centro de Investigación y Adiestramiento Político Administrativo (CIAPA) in Costa Rica and professor of political science at the University of Costa Rica. His main research and teaching focus on international relations and democratic culture in Central America. He has also served on Costa Rica’s Presidential Commission on Democratic Governance (2012-2013), as an advisor to the president (1998-2002) and as a member of the Legislative Assembly (1994-1998).

Urcuyo recently published a book entitled “Partidos y Lucha Política” (2013), as well as several articles including “Procesos electorales en Centroamérica” (2012), “Reflexiones sobre Institucionalidad y Gobernabilidad democrática: una vision desde el contexto centroamericano” (2010) and “De populismos, Rupturismo e Izquierdas” (2008). He speaks Spanish, French, English and Portuguese, and holds a law degree from the University of Costa Rica and a Ph.D. in political sociology from the University of Paris.

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