Portrait for Katayoun Madani

Katayoun S. Madani

MD Anderson Visiting Fellow


Katayoun S. Madani, M.D. FICS (Jr), is the MD Anderson Visiting Fellow at the Center for Health and Biosciences. Her area of research involves the evaluation and development of policies that improve access to surgical health care for individuals in disadvantaged communities in the United States and around the world. Prior to joining the Baker Institute, Madani was a fellow in global surgery research and leadership at the Sadanah Trauma and Surgical Initiative.

Madani is also the founding chair of the International Student Surgical Network (InciSioN) in Grenada and led InciSioN’s global research team from 2017 to 2020. During this time, she created InciSioN’s research infrastructure and then served as the global chair of InciSioN from 2020-2022. At InciSioN, she has worked to solidify the role of students and trainees in global surgery through forming strategic collaborations, hosting the largest surgery symposium in the world (InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2020-2021), initiating the InciSioN General Assembly, representing InciSioN at the 74th World Health Assembly and hosting side events for the 74th and 75th sessions of the UN General Assembly. Under her leadership, InciSioN expanded to 50 countries across the globe. Madani currently serves as the executive secretary of the Association of Academic Global Surgery and the InciSioN liaison to the executive board of the U.S. section of the International College of Surgeons.

Madani holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Master of Science in tissue engineering from Arizona State University. She also earned an M.D. and MPH from St. George’s University.

Contact her at katayounsmadani@gmail.com or (602) 694-4212.