Enrique Quezada

Enrique Quezada

Graduate Fellow


Enrique Quezada is a graduate fellow for the Center for the United States and Mexico pursuing a Ph.D. in political science at Rice University. His research interests include electoral behavior and political representation in Latin America.

As an undergraduate at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, Quezada received the Board of Trustees Writing Award in the category of first-year research for his paper “The 2012 Mexican Presidential Elections: PRI’s Strategies to Regain Power.” In summer 2015, he conducted a survey and several focus groups in Tijuana and Mexicali for his thesis “Redes 2025’s Social Impact: A Program Evaluation.” A project for the Union Scholars Honors program, his thesis assesses the performance of an after-school music education initiative in his home state of Baja California.

More recently, Quezada launched the Spanish-language podcast Independientemente, for which he has interviewed journalists, artists, former independent political candidates and civil society figures in Mexico.

Quezada holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Union College.

Contact him at enrique.quezada@rice.edu or (713) 348-2649.