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Energy Technology R&D and Intellectual Property in the New Green Economy

Change and innovation are unfolding at a rapid pace in the energy sector, with an influx of new entrepreneurial players entering the marketplace with capital, novel investment and business models and differing regulatory experiences than the traditional oil and gas industry practices. While initially the domain of small startup firms, many major industry players are beginning to enter the Clean Tech marketplace, including large venture capital firms, wealthy oil-rich Middle East governments, information technology (IT) giants and major oil companies. Investors and businesses are increasingly questioning how best to leverage the lessons, skills and business paradigms that ushered the success of the Silicon Valley model to propel similar successes in the Clean Tech sector. As the Clean Tech sector grows, opportunities are emerging to apply lessons and best practices from the development of IT infrastructure and related software solutions and platforms as an integral approach to various aspects of the Clean Tech world -- from managing large infrastructure projects to monitoring networks, load balancing electrical usage, distributing energy and improving efficiencies across the entire energy sector.

This conference will focus on the barrier of creative destruction in the business of energy technology innovation and discuss solutions from the IT world that might guide and inform pathways to successful innovation and business development of new energy solutions. Can former telecom investors, executives and specialists apply similar experiences and skill sets from the IT and dot-com boom to the new green economy? And what lessons from other sectors are available to traditional energy businesses to streamline and avoid pitfalls that have blocked large scale investment in alternative energy and unconventional resources in the past? This conference brings together industry practitioners from both the oil and gas sector and the emerging Clean Tech sector, with academic, government and legal specialists, to discuss the strategic pathways related to adapting, leveraging and using new technology and intellectual property in the emerging green economy.

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Event Agenda


10:00 AM Welcome
Amy Myers Jaffe, Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy

10:10 AM Morning Session

PDF icon "Energy R&D and the Problem of Creative Destruction"
Ted Temzelides, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Rice University

PDF icon "Renewable Energy and the Evolving Power Industry Structure"
Joseph Peters, P.E., Senior Consultant, Black & Veatch Corporation

11:30 AM Lunch
"Accelerating Energy Innovation"
Matthew Rogers, Senior Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Energy for Recovery Act Implementation

1:00 PM Patent Pools in Energy R & D

PDF icon "Strategic Considerations for Standards Setting Organizations and Patent Pools"
Mark Spolyar, Partner, Baker Botts L.L.P.

"The Pecan Street Project: A Smart Grid Demonstration in Austin, Texas"
Michael Webber, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy and Co-Director, Clean Energy Incubator

PDF icon "If Energy is the Question, is Nanotechnology the Answer?"
Andrew R. Barron, Ph.D, Charles W. Duncan, Jr. -Welch Chair of Chemistry and Professor of Material Science, Rice University


2:45PM Impact of Disruptive Technologies in Energy

Moderator: Antonio Coutinho, Chief Energy Management Officer, Horizon Wind Energy

PDF icon "Technology in Electricity: Shaping a Different Future"
Antonio Coutinho, Chief Energy Management Officer, Horizon Wind Energy

PDF icon "The Global Unconventional Gas Trend"
Robert G. Clarke, Manager, Unconventional Gas Service, Wood MacKenzie

"Betting on Science: Disruptive Technologies in Transport Fuel"
Melissa Stark, Partner, Clean Energy Lead, Accenture

PDF icon "Utilizing the LaBarge Experience to Support the Global Development of CCS"
Michael Parker, Technical Advisor, Upstream Safety, Health and Environment, ExxonMobil Production Company

PDF icon "The Role of Electrified Vehicles in the Climate Challenge"
Derek Lemoine, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

5:00PM Closing Remarks
Amy Myers Jaffe, Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy

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Organizer James Coan - 713-348-3764


Tue, Jan. 26, 2010
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago


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