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Baker Institute Student Forum - AIDS Off the Radar: The Black American Epidemic

The Baker Institute Student Forum (BISF) hosted a conference on the topic of AIDS. The conference consisted of three panel discussions, each followed by a question and answer session to allow members of the audience to share their concerns and ask questions. The panels included: "What is the pathology of AIDS and what are the social and monetary costs?"; "Why is AIDS a particular problem in the African-American community?"; and "How can we stop the spread of AIDS among African-Americans in Houston?" Panelists included representatives from Houston City Council, the City of Houston HIV Prevention Program, AIDS Foundation Houston, Families Under Urban and Social Attack, Brentwood Baptist Church, the University of Houston, Houston NAACP, the Community of Faith, WAM Foundation, the Office of State Senator Rodney Ellis, Saving Lives Through Alternative Options, the Fountain of Praise, St. Hope Foundation, Positive Efforts, University of Alabama, the Warren Corporation and Rice University.

Speaker Allen Barrett

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Sat, Oct. 29, 2005
9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago


The Baker Institute at Rice University