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Diplomacy and Diamonds: My Wars from the Ballroom to the Battlefield

The Dame, the Knight and the Ambassador

Julia Roberts played her in "Charlie Wilson"s War," but the real-life Joanne King Herring is far more interesting than any movie could capture. Born at a time when women had limited choices, Herring blazed a trail with allies as unlikely as U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson, Pierre Cardin and President Ronald Reagan, forging new paths for women worldwide.

The international socialite and global political activist tells her continuing story in "Diplomacy and Diamonds: My Wars from the Ballroom to the Battlefield." The former television anchor is known on the global political stage for her support of the Mujahedeen in their fight against the former Soviet Union. Now, she is making her mark again -- this time without guns. "Diplomacy and Diamonds" is an inspiring account of an American icon that The Honorable James A. Baker, III, described as "a flash of light in a dark world." Her story reminds of us of what is possible when perseverance is mixed with charm. For more information about her work in Afghanistan and her book, please visit

Speaker Edward Djerejian


Tue, Nov. 29, 2011
6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago