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Knowledge in Flesh and Blood: Philosophy of Stem Cell Biology

This workshop will be an interdisciplinary discussion of the manuscript "Knowledge in Flesh and Blood: Philosophy of Stem Cell Biology," a work in progress by Melinda Fagan, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy at Rice University. "Knowledge in Flesh and Blood" examines stem cell biology from a philosophy of science perspective, emphasizing the interrelation of concepts, experimental methods, model systems and evidential judgments. Fagan argues that philosophy of science can help stem cell researchers communicate the value and importance of their work to a broader audience, as well as provide insight on the debates within the scientific community. During the workshop, Fagan will present preliminary results of her research and ask for scientists" feedback -- vital to the success of this interdisciplinary project -- to hone philosophical arguments that are responsive and relevant to working scientists.

Speaker Kirstin Matthews

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Wed, Sept. 14, 2011
8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago