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International Space Medicine Summit 2012

The purpose of the International Space Medicine Summit (ISMS) 2012 is to bring together leading physicians, space biomedical scientists, engineers, astronauts, cosmonauts and educators from spacefaring nations for high-level discussions about the research needed to prevent and/or mitigate the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges of long-duration spaceflight.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflights. Looking to the future, and faced with the challenge of limited logistic support, ISMS 2012 aims to stimulate and facilitate multinational collaborations on how to optimize the utilization of the International Space Station for research to ensure the well-being of astronauts and cosmonauts on missions in low-Earth orbit, as well as future expeditions beyond the Earth"s gravitational force. Participants will build upon the success of the five previous summits by identifying critical research priorities while also creating the mechanisms needed to establish fully integrated multinational research partnerships that will benefit not only spacefarers but also all mankind.

ISMS 2012 is committed to fostering increased communication and cooperation. By sharing and applying the lessons learned from long-duration human spaceflight and analog research environments, we can apply the resultant advances in technology and human knowledge not only to protect future space travelers but also to enhance life on Earth.

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Speaker George Abbey


Fri, May. 18 - Sun, May. 20, 2012
8:30 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago