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Until 2013, Mexico’s energy sector was largely closed to international investment, and the country’s energy policy had a domestic rather than international focus. However, as global energy markets continue to diversify, Mexico has begun to reform its energy sector, including its oil, gas and electricity subsidiaries. The Center for the United States and Mexico focuses on energy reform and its implementation, and the overall impact on Mexico’s energy sector.


Research Projects



The Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations: Forecast to 2040

This project will critically examine the U.S.-Mexico relationship, applying strategic foresight methods to identify the variables that will likely impact the future health of the binational relationship, project the possible outcomes of the relationship under the current political climate, and examine the broader challenges that the U.S. and Mexico will face in the coming decades.


The Rule of Law and Mexico’s Energy Reform  

This project focuses on the challenges Mexico faces in implementing energy reforms under the rule of law. It analytically and critically examines some of the key legal aspects of Mexico's new energy sector by drawing on the knowledge of scholars and experts from institutions in the U.S. and Mexico.






Podcast Episodes