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Center for Health and Biosciences Partners with EMERGE

To promote diversity, the Center for Health and Biosciences partners with Houston’s nonprofit EMERGE program to train and mentor college students from underserved communities. Each summer, local Houston students from various colleges and universities throughout the country work as research assistants in our Health Economics, Child Health and Biomedical Research programs. These students are offered a six to 10-week paid internship that provides valuable skills and experience through their participation in health policy research.

Current Interns

Dei’Sharrah Allen-Benson (University of Houston-Downtown)

Alan Beltran Lara (Swarthmore College)

Jessenia Fanini (Earlham College)

Bridgette Ramirez (Harvard University)

David Ruiz (Boston University)

Past Interns


var Emerge = [ {thumb:'/photos/948/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/media/cached/photos/948/640x640/constrain/90/CHB-EMERGE-2021-Zoom3-a0bec.jpg',big:'/photos/948/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2021. From left: David Ruiz (Boston University) and Alan Beltran Lara (Swarthmore College)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/940/72x66/crop/90/CHB-EMERGE-2021-Zoom2-4e149.jpg',image:'/photos/940/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/940/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2021. Top row, from left: Jacquie Klotz, Chloe Nguyen, Jessenia Fanini (Earlham College)\u003B Bottom row, from left: Nikhil Gattu, Dei’sharrah Allen\u002DBenson (University of Houston Downtown)',description:''}, {thumb:'/media/cached/photos/939/72x66/crop/90/CHB-EMERGE-2021-Zoom-869cf.jpg',image:'/photos/939/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/939/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2021. Top row, from left: Kirstin Matthews, Daniel Morali\u003B Bottom Row: Bridgette Ramirez (Harvard University)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/938/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/media/cached/photos/938/640x640/constrain/90/CHB-EMERGE-2020-Zoom-2d7d0.jpg',big:'/photos/938/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2020. Top row, from left: Vivian Ho, Marah Short\u003B Bottom row, from left: Jonathan Deng (Williams College), Stephanie Camey (Pitzer College)\u003B Not pictured: Kimberly Zuniga (Kalamazoo College)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/937/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/media/cached/photos/937/640x640/constrain/90/CHB-EMERGE-2020-Zoom2-2cff2.jpg',big:'/photos/937/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2020. Top row, from left: Kirstin Matthews and Daniel Morali\u003B Bottom row: Faiad Alum (Yale University)\u003B Not pictured: Kimberly Zuniga (Kalamazoo College)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/935/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/media/cached/photos/935/640x640/constrain/90/CHB-EMERGE-2019-Group-2dec1.jpg',big:'/photos/935/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2019. Front row, from left: Mohini Bindal, Melissa Martinez (Amherst College), Kimberly Zuniga (Kalamazoo College), Jonathan LeBeau (Loyola University New Orleans), Vivian Ho and Sasa Tapaneeyakul\u003B Back row, from left: Marah Short, Patrick Tennant and Chris Kulesza\u003B Not pictured: Gerlin Liu (Bowdoin College)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/936/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/media/cached/photos/936/640x640/constrain/90/CHB-EMERGE-2018-Group-02c22.jpg',big:'/photos/936/1200x1200/constrain/90/',title:'2018. Front row, from left: Tara Blagg, Vivian Ho, Melissa Martinez (Amherst College), Rafael Trevino (Harvard University), Chijindu Iheanacho (University of Texas at Dallas), Stephanie Camey (Pitzer College) and Nancy Luca\u003B Back row: Kenneth Evans',description:''} ]


Financial Support

The Center for Health and Biosciences offers an opportunity for donors to support the Health Policy Leadership Program for Underserved Students. The funding supports four to five students from underserved communities throughout Houston by offering them a paid internship that can provide valuable skills and experience.

Each intern is partnered with a CHB researcher whose focus areas may include domestic health policy, child and maternal health, and biomedical research. As part of the internship, the students assist in  ongoing research by conducting literature reviews, producing content for social media platforms, assisting in the authorship of publications, and completing other research-related tasks.

If you are interested in helping to increase the opportunities available to talented, underserved students in the Houston area by supporting the CHB’s Health Policy Leadership Program for Underserved Students, contact the Baker Institute director of development, Leah Gross, at Your generosity will provide a platform for underserved students interested in policy to gain experience beyond the classroom through valuable internship opportunities.

Current program support is provided in part by Wade Rakes.

Student Blogs

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