Cultural Baggage 2016

  • 12/30/16 Art AcevedoMP3 | TXT

    Art Acevedo, Houston's new Police Chief joins us for the full half hour to discuss forthcoming changes on Jan 1 to drug law enforcement in our nations 4th largest city

  • 12/23/2016 Dean BeckerMP3

    420 Christmas Show: With Willie Nelson, DTN Editorial, Professor William Martin, Major Neill Franklin, Dr. Carl Hart, Dean Bortell, DA Kim Ogg, US Rep Beto O'Rourke, Deborah Small, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong

  • 12/16/16 Robert HobanMP3 | TXT

    The Good, Bad & Ugly drug war with Atty Robert Hoban on DEA's CBD ruling, Eric Sterling of CJPF in DC, Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre re petition to Obama, Jodie Emery re Canada's legalization, Israeli cannabis scientist Lumir Hanus speaks to Texas Medical Center

  • 12/09/16 Nishi WhiteleyMP3 | TXT

    Texas Senator Jose Menendez submits medical cannabis bill, Anon Texas mother of 2 year old describes powerful benefit of cannabis + Nishi Whiteley author of Chronic Relief - A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill & Data on Tex Med Ctr Conf on Cannabis in Hou 12/13/16

  • 12/02/16 Clay ConradMP3 | TXT

    Clay Conrad a Houston attorney discusses drug policy at national, state and local levels, Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture on Canadian cannabis policy + Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War & Alternet re US cannabis laws

  • 11/25/16 John UrquhartMP3 | TXT

    Seattle Sheriff John Urquhart eviscerates drug war logic + Dr. Robert Melameade on forward/backward people

  • 11/18/16 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann Exec Dir, Asha Bandele Sr Dir, Lynne Lyman CA State Dir, Tamar Todd Dir Legal Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance Conf on new cannabis laws

  • 11/11/16 Earl BlumenauerMP3 | TXT

    Congressman Earl Blumenauer joins Mason Tvert & Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project in media teleconference - whats next at federal and state levels

  • 11/04/16 James GierachMP3 | TXT

    James Gierach, retired Chicago prosecutor, LEAP board member + Piper Kerman, author Orange is the New Black, Deborah Small, Johns Hopkins Public Health Fellow & Drug Policy Alliance’s Asha Bandele

  • 10/28/16 Piper KermanMP3 | TXT

    Piper Kerman, author Orange is the New Black, Deborah Small, Johns Hopkins Public Health Fellow and the Drug Policy Alliance’s Asha Bandele + Irvin Rosenfeld re pot stocks

  • 10/21/16 Maia SzalavitzMP3 | TXT

    Maia Szalavitz re police murders of drug users in Philippines, Jill Stein Green Party Candidate for President, Governor Newsome of CA for legalization, wife of Utah Gov Cand busted for medical cannabis

  • 10/14/16 Howard WooldridgeMP3 | TXT

    Howard Wooldridge of LEAP reports on recent trip to Switzerland, Tess Borden author of "23 Second" report on drug arrests, Van Jones calls for end of drug war, Jill Stein declares drug war a failure

  • 10/07/16 Regenia HicksMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Regenia Hicks Director of Harris County (Houston) Mental Health program, Valerie Corral Director of Wo/Mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana & Chris Conrad cannabis expert re Calif AUMA 64 legalization effort

  • 09/30/16 Philip HighMP3 | TXT

    Philip High of Medcan, Dr. Scott Bier of Greenwell, Debate between DA candidates Kim Ogg and Devon Anderson, trailer for new movie "13th" & Yes on 64 ad

  • 09/23/16 Anna Marie D'angeloMP3 | TXT

    Anna Marie D'angelo Dir of British Colombia safe injection rooms, Kris Nyrop of Seattle Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, Shiloh Murphy Dir of Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance, Washington Representative Roger Goodman, Seattle Sheriff John Urquhart

  • 09/16/16 Matt ElrodMP3 | TXT

    Matt Elrod of Victoria BC re death of activist Jay Bergstrom, legal heroin and legal cannabis + Donnie Varnell of Fayetteville LEAD project & Jag Davies of DPA re DEA prohibition of Kratom

  • 09/09/16 Roseanne ScottiMP3 | TXT

    Roseanne Scotti, Dep Dir of DPA in NJ re bail situ in US, Kim Ogg running for DA of Houston, Sanho Tree of IPS re violence in drug war & Debbie Goldsberry Dir of Magnolia Wellnes Center in Oakland + Barbara Blaser, Debby's Mom

  • 09/02/16 Ron HickmanMP3 | TXT

    Ron Hickman, running for reelection as Sheriff of Harris County/Houston Texas + Neil Woods, author of Good Cop, Bad War who also serves as Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in the UK

  • 08/26/16 Beto O'RourkeMP3 | TXT

    US Congressman Beto O'Rourke discusses need for veterans to gain access to medical cannabis + Ed Gonzalez, Democrat, retired police Sergeant running for Sheriff of Harris County/Houston

  • 08/19/16 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith, reporter with Alternet & Stop the Drug War recaps recent blunders of US Govt, Vivian McPeak on Seattle Hempfest & Paul Armentano of NORML re DEA ruling on cannabis

  • 08/12/16 Michelle AlexanderMP3 | TXT

    Michelle Aexander author of The New Jim Crow, Neill Franklind Exec Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Natalie Schuurman of Green Party

  • 08/05/16 Deborah SmallMP3 | TXT

    Deborah Small re savage drug war in Brazil, Hannah Hetzer on Philippine massacre, Tony Papa re commutation of 214 prisoners by Obama & Gov Gary Johnson on ending the drug war

  • 07/29/16 Jim GierachMP3 | TXT

    Prosecutor Jim Gierach (ret) speaks of ultra-violence of drug war in Chicago + Yvonne talks of journey from Ireland to Colorado to seek the medicine that is changing her child's life for the better

  • 07/22/16 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    Neill Franklin Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition re nexus of drug war & violence + Shane Shackleford helps medical marijuana patients in Texas and around the world

  • 07/15/16 Roger GoodmanMP3 | TXT

    LIVES MATTER: Wash Representative Roger Goodman & LEAP board member Diane Goldstein re blowback and needless deaths on both sides of the law because of drug war tactics.

  • 07/08/16 Ron WatersMP3 | TXT

    Former Texas Rep Ron Waters calls for legal cannabis, Matt Elrod, Canadian drug reformer tries to explain Trudeau's plan to legalize & Dr. Sanjay Gupta calls for reason in US cannabis laws

  • 07/01/16 ChristinaMP3 | TXT

    Green Rush report from Colorado with cannabis concierge Christina, pot shop owner Craig Hicks and anonymous, out of state buyer, appeal to politicians

  • 06/24/16 Scott MacdonaldMP3 | TXT

    US Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee: America's Insatiable Demand for Drugs - Examining Alternate Approaches with: US Senator Tom Carper, Dr, Scott Macdonald of Vancouver Injection Clinic and Dr. David Murry, former ONDCP official

  • 06/17/16 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann, Dir of Drug Policy Alliance speaks before US Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee: America's Insatiable Demand for Drugs - Examining Alternate Approaches, Phil Smith of Drug War Chronicle & Alternet + Ray Hill Nationally known gay rights advocate regarding the Orlando massacre.

  • 06/10/16 Kim OggMP3 | TXT

    Kim Ogg, District Attorney candidate for Harris County (Houston TX) eviscerates the logic of the drug war + Okla report on cops draining credit cards on side of the highway

  • 06/03/16 Rodney EllisMP3 | TXT

    Texas Senator Rodney Ellis joins us for the whole program to discuss the failure of Texas criminal justice system to adjust to new science and common sense

  • 05/27/16 Adam EidingerMP3 | TXT

    The "Green Rush" examined: Adam Eidinger head of DC marijuana effort, from Colo: Taylor West of The Cannabis Industry & Vivian McPeak Dir of Seattle Hempfest

  • 05/22/16 Nathan P. JonesMP3 | TXT

    Nathan Jones author of Mexico's Illicit Drug Networks - And the State Reaction, Nurse ML Mathre of Patients out of Time, Corey Barnett Wash DC cannabis provider, Arkansas report on cannabis legalization courtesy KNWA

  • 05/13/16 Chris ConradMP3 | TXT

    Chris Conrad, author and cannabis expert outlines California's AUMA marijuana legalization act, Dr. Malak Burnett re DC's legalization & Elvy Musika who receives 300 cannabis cigarettes per month from the US Government

  • 05/06/16 Tony PapaMP3 | TXT

    Tony Papa, Mgr of Media relations at DPA has a new book This Side of Freedom + Nurse Ken Wolski, Veterans advocate Michael Krawitz and nurse Amy

  • 04/29/16 David BearmanMP3 | TXT

    Dr. David Bearman & Dr. Ethan Russo at Cannabis Conf., Mathew Wilhelm, Destiny Young of San Antonio NORML

  • 04/22/16 Carl HartMP3 | TXT

    Prof Carl Hart, Pat O'Hare, Michael Seibert and Atty Harry Levine at Columbia Univ in NYC + Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre and Mathew Deleo at Patients Out of Time Conf in Baltimore

  • 04/15/16 Maia SzalavitzMP3 | TXT

    Maia Szalavitz author of Unbroken Brain + Dana Larsen traveling Canada giving away 2 million cannabis seeds is busted then continues giveaway

  • 04/08/16 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    Neill Franklin Exec Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Canadian MP Nathaniel Erskine Smith, Mexican Senator Laura Angelica Rojas Hernandez, David Borden of DRCnet, Tribute to Merle Haggard

  • 04/01/16 Dean BortellMP3 | TXT

    Law Enforcement Perspectives Q&A 2 with Howard Wooldridge of LEAP, Tex Rep Gen Wu, Harris County/Houston DA Devon Anderson, Gary Hale former DEA agent + Caravan for Peace, Texas Hospital provided CBD & Colorado provides full cannabis meds for Alexis

  • 03/25/16 Devon AndersonMP3 | TXT

    Law enforcement perspectives Q&A with Howard Wooldridge of LEAP, Tex Rep Gen Wu, Harris County/Houston DA Devon Anderson, Gary Hale former DEA agent

  • 03/18/16 Howard WooldridgeMP3 | TXT

    Law enforcement perspectives on Drug Prohibition III with Howard Wooldridge at Baker Insitute & at UN in Vienna, Tex Rep Gen Wu & Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre re forthcoming Conf in Baltimore

  • 03/11/16 Katherine NeilMP3 | TXT

    Law enforcement perspectives on Drug Prohibition recorded at James A Baker III Institute featuring Katherine A Neill of the Institute, Harris County/Houston DA Devon Anderson, Gary Hale former DEA agent (Part 1)

  • 03/04/16 Dan MorheimMP3 | TXT

    Maryland Delegate Dan Morheim leading way to decrim/heroin injection sites, Katherine Neil of Baker Institute & Eugene Oscapela testifies re drug law change in Canada

  • 02/26/16 Svante MyrickMP3 | TXT

    Prof William Martin of James Baker III Institute re Mar 9 panel, "The Ithaca Plan" with Mayor Svante L. Myrick, Lillian Fan, Assistant Director of Prevention Services – Harm Reduction, Don MacPherson, Director, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, Kassandra Frederique, NY State Director, Drug Policy Alliance + DTN Editorial

  • 02/19/16 Jodi JamesMP3 | TXT

    Jodi James of Florida Cannabis Action Network, Paul Armentano Dep Dir of NORML, Prof William Martin of James A Baker Inst & MORE!

  • 02/12/16 Ekow YankahMP3 | TXT

    Prof Ekow Yankah via NYT OpED: When Addiction Has a White Face, Tony Newman of DPA, Will Godfrey editor of The Influence, Trump, Sanders & more

  • 02/08/16 Brian C BennetMP3 | TXT

    Brian Bennett producer of "Truth - The Anti Drug War", Howard Wooldridge in NH, Debby Goldsbury for International Cannabis Business Conference, clips from CBS & NBC re cannabis

  • 02/05/16 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith of Alternet & Drug War Chronicle + Debby Goldsbury re International Cannabis Business Conf, Bernie Sanders re MJ laws, Heroin PSA & More

  • 01/29/16 Ray HillMP3 | TXT

    Ray Hill, patriarch of KPFT radio re gay rights, drug war & the return of "Flower Power" & Jim McMahon, former Bears QB + ancient US marijuana PSA's (Propaganda)

  • 01/22/16 Lynn PaltrowMP3 | TXT

    Lynn Paltrow, Dir of Advocates for Pregnant Women, Jason Hernandez freed from life w/o parole by Obama & Lisa Marie Johnston interview & song Time Flies By (when you're getting stoned)

  • 01/15/16 Kimberly CheneyMP3 | TXT

    Kimberly Cheney, former Atty General of Vermont, Matt Simon of MPP, Dr. Stanton Peele re addiction, Mason Tvert of MPP

  • 01/08/16 George MartoranoMP3 | TXT

    George Martorano, sentenced to life in prison w/o parole just got out after serving more than 32 years behind bars for cannabis + "When Cops Kill Blacks"

  • 01/01/16 John UrquhartMP3 | TXT

    Best of 2015: Sheriff John Urquhart of Seattle, President Obama in Chicago, Bernie Sanders in Denver & medical marijuana in Texas