Cultural Baggage 2015

  • 12/25/15 Jeff MizanskeyMP3 | TXT

    Jeff Mizanskey who served 22 years in Missouri prisons for pot possesion & Peter Christ founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  • 12/18/15 Paul ArmentanoMP3 | TXT

    Paul Armentano author of new book: "The Citizens Guide to State by State Marijuana Laws" + Neill Franklin Dir of LEAP, Gretchen Burns Bergman of & Bill Piper of Drug Policy Alliance

  • 12/11/15 Ethan RussoMP3 | TXT

    2015 DPA Conf IV: Dr. Ethan Russo re cannabis medicine, research and potential medicines + Ethan Nadelmann Exec Dir of Drug Policy Alliance + Denver bible & cannabis congregation

  • 12/04/15 Eric SterlingMP3 | TXT

    2015 DPA Conf with Eric Sterling of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Phil Smith of Alternet, Matt Simon of MPP, Eapen Thampy of Americans for Forfeiture Reform, Richard Van Wickler Supt of Cheshire Co Dept of Correction & Tony Newman of DPA

  • 11/27/15 Cory BookerMP3 | TXT

    2015 Drug Policy Alliance Conf with Senator Cory Booker, DPA Exec Dir Ethan Nadelmann, Michael Krawitz Dir of Veterans for Medical Cannabis, Nurse Ken Wolski of Coalition for Med Marijuana New Jersey, memoriam to Professor Buford Terrell & Tom Angel of Marijuana Majority

  • 11/20/15 Steve RollesMP3 | TXT

    2015 Drug Policy Alliance Conf from Wash DC with Steve Rolles of UK's Transform, Diane Goldstein of LEAP, Rick Doblin of MAPS, Alan Clear of Harm Reduction Coalition & Lee Hofcroft a DC legal cannabis tradesman

  • 11/13/15 Robert MelamedeMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Robert Melamede re forward/backward looking people, Julie Netherland of DPA, veteran David Bass + CBS clip

  • 11/06/15 James GierachMP3 | TXT

    James Gierach former Asst States Atty, Hannah Hetzer & Tony Newman with Drug Policy Alliance, Rand Paul & tribute to Kaylee with her daughter Chaska Daye

  • 10/30/15 John UrquhartMP3 | TXT

    Sheriff John Urquhart of Seattle, President Obama in Chicago, Bernie Sanders in Denver & medical marijuana in Texas

  • 10/23/15 Charles A. McClelland JrMP3 | TXT

    Charles A. McClelland Jr, Police Chief of Houston, Ethan Nadelmann Dir of DPA re UN call to end drug war, Matt Elrod of DrugSense re Canada's move to legalization & tribute to Vincent Lopez Texas drug reformer extraordinaire.

  • 10/16/15 Steve DowningMP3 | TXT

    Steven Downing, former Dep Police Chief of L.A., Marsha Rosenbaum formerly with Drug Policy Alliance, Andrew Chavez of KushyPunch gummy cannabis candy and Dale Skye Jones Chancellor of Oaksterdam Univ.

  • 10/09/15 Steve DeAngeloMP3 | TXT

    Steve DeAngelo, Dir of Harborside Health Center is author of a new book: The Cannabis Manifesto - A New Paradigm for Wellness + Michael Collins of the Drug Policy Alliance re release of 6,000 Fed drug prisoners

  • 10/02/15 Doug McVayMP3 | TXT

    Doug McVay report on 1st legal day in Oregon, Joe Hodek of Dixie Elixer, Steven Gutwillig of DPA, Adrian Kern of Kiva chocolate cannabis, Mike Allen Vs Whole Foods, CBS Houston: 94% for Legalization

  • 09/25/15 Aaron JustissMP3 | TXT

    Cannabis Conf II with Aaron Justiss of Buds & Roses, Berto Torres of Gfarmalabs, Eric Branstad of Forever Flowering, Calico Castillo of The Weedblog, "Seth" a private grower, Ron Bush GBox Tech, Darcy Bomford of TrueLeaf dog food, Clark Metcalf of, Dean Becker wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar

  • 09/18/15 John MalancaMP3 | TXT

    2015 LA Cannabis Business Conference I with Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, John Malanca of United Patients Group, Steve Yanish of Amer Cannaabis Exch, Matt Johnson of Cultivation Supp, Pat Lesivoi of Wonder Soil, Kirk Silverston of Hemp Health & Peggy Figi for Charlottes Web

  • 09/11/15 Amy Ralston PovahMP3 | TXT

    Amy Ralston Povah of CAN-DO foundation on need to pardon hundreds of women caught in drug conspiracies, Matt Elrod and Alison Myrden report on Canada's back sliding drug laws

  • 09/04/15 Jeff MizanskeyMP3 | TXT

    Jeff Mizanskey, just released from a life sentence for cannabis, Atty Dan Viets & Travis Maurer of Show-Me-Cannabis + DTN Editorial: Solution to diminishing violence on US streets

  • 08/28/15 Sam QuinonesMP3 | TXT

    Sam Quinones author of The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic - Dream Land, Gretchen Bergman of A New PATH and Denise Cullen of Broken No More

  • 08/21/15 Leonard PittsMP3 | TXT

    Leonard Pitts, syndicated columnist/author re police conducting vaginal searches in public, Dr. Sue Sisley at Hempfest, Canadian Senator Larry Campbell & Dan Humiston re Sep Cannabis Conf in LA

  • 08/14/15 Clay ConradMP3 | TXT

    Atty Clay Conrad author of Jury Nulification - Evolution of a Doctrine, Houston DA Devon Anderson, Jason Miller of Houston NORML re unconstituional cavity searches, Daniel Robello Policy Director for DPA on massive incarceration

  • 08/07/15 Dana LarsenMP3 | TXT

    Dana Larsen, Canadian activist & author of "Green Buds & Hash", Houston cannabis seminar with DA Anderson, Sheriff Nehls, Lauren Vazquez of MPP, Sam Sabzehzar re LEAP video "With Justice and Dignity, a Caravan for Peace"

  • 07/31/15 Steve DowningMP3 | TXT

    Steve Downing, LEAP speaker & network producer re release of " With Justice and Dignity: A Caravan for Peace" + Duluth NEWS reporter John Lundy re legal cannabis in Minn, Earth & Fire Erowid & Wa Rep Roger Goodman re synthetic drugs ++ "War On Us" by Mendo Dope

  • 07/24/15 Ginger ThompsonMP3 | TXT

    Ginger Thompson, Pulitzer Prize winner re Chapo's escape, Inge Fryklund former Chicago prosecutor, Michael Collins of DPA re Senate vote, Dr. Jahan Marcu re use of cannabis vape pens + President Barak Obama

  • 07/17/15 Terry NelsonMP3 | TXT

    Terry Nelson, a LEAP speaker with more than 30 years in service to the US Govt as a customs, border and air interdiction officer + Presidents Obama & Clinton, Seattle Sheriff Urquhart & Fed Judge Nancy Gertner

  • 07/10/15 Don WinslowMP3 | TXT

    Don Winslow, author of "The Cartel" who on the day of his books release bought a full page Ad in the Washington Post decrying the war on drugs + reports on heroin and cannabis

  • 07/03/15 Piper KermanMP3 | TXT

    Piper Kerman author of Orange is New Black & Asha Bandele of DPA, Amanda Reiman Mgr of Marijuana Law & Policy of DPA + Atty Gilbert Garcia

  • 06/26/15 Jack ColeMP3 | TXT

    Jack Cole Board Chair of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition re 600 churches in support of LEAP + Richard Lee, founder of Oaksterdam Univ. educates Houston republicans on legalization efforts

  • 06/19/15 Bill MartinMP3 | TXT

    Rx for US Drug Policy: A New Paradigm, authors Prof. William Martin of the James A Baker Institute and Jerry Epstein Director of the Drug Policy Forum of Texas + report from Richard Lee founder of Oaksterdam University

  • 06/12/15 Beto O'RourkeMP3 | TXT

    US Representative from El Paso Beto O'Rourke, Dr. Mitche Earleywine, Richard Lee Founder of Oaksterdam U

  • 06/05/15 Alan RobisonMP3 | TXT

    Tribute to Dr. G. Alan Robison founder of Drug Policy Forum of Texas with co-founder Jerry Epstein, Phil Smith of Alternet, Alexis Bortel, Dr. Carl Hart, Dr. Donald Abrams, Abolitionists Moment

  • 05/29/15 Bill LevinMP3 | TXT

    Bill Levin pastor of First Church of Cannabis, Dale Shafer re his bust for cannabis, release from prison

  • 05/22/15 Mary Jane BordenMP3 | TXT

    Mary Jane Borden of Ohio Rights Group, Heather Fazio of Texans for Responsible Marijuana, Keith Saunders of MassCann & 9 year old Alexis Bortell

  • 05/15/15 Bill PiperMP3 | TXT

    Bill Piper of DPA re DEA Admin, Hannah Hetzer of DPA re Plan Colombia, Don E. Wirtshafter re synthetic drugs, DTN host on madness of drug war

  • 05/08/15 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann of DPA speaks at James Baker Insitute, Willie Nelson, Tribute to Dr. Philip Leveque, Heather Fazio of MPP, Jamaican Justice Minister Mark Golding

  • 05/01/15 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, Hillary Clinton, Neill Franklin of LEAP, comedian Eddie Griffen and Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients out of Time.

  • 04/24/15 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Interviews with Phil Smith of Alternet and the Drug War Chronicle, Willie and Merle's new song "It's All Going to Pot", Ms. Deon Haywood of Women With a Vision and Pacifica "cub reporter" Derrick Broze.

  • 04/17/15 President ObamaMP3 | TXT

    Texas House on legal cannabis, Clinton and Christie on weed, Tenn fears meth oil, Ann Lee a force to be reckoned with, Obama on weed in Jamaica, Patients out of Time Conference on Cannabis

  • 04/10/15 Diane GoldsteinMP3 | TXT

    Diane Goldstein a former cop and current speaker for LEAP, Chris Conrad cannabis expert and Ed Rosenthal the Guru of Ganja

  • 04/03/15 Matthew FoggMP3 | TXT

    Matthew Fogg Chief US Marshall (ret), Pres Obama "looks back" at today's drug war, Fresno Dep Chief busted, Special Agents copulate with special whores, Ray Hill Roast & DTN Editorial

  • 03/27/15 Alexis BortellMP3 | TXT

    Alexis and Dean Bortell report on 25 days seizure free, Texas Rep calls for Med cannabis, Marsh Schoenhard and Aaron Justiss from San Francisco & Pacifica rabble rouser Ray Hill Roast on April 4

  • 03/20/15 Howard WooldridgeMP3 | TXT

    Howard Wooldridge a LEAP speaker reports on his trip to Vienna and the UN Drug Conf, Christine Shuck author of The War On Drugs - An Old Wives Tale + Terry Nelson of LEAP, former cop Mike Knox & Dr. Elias Jackson

  • 03/13/15 Corey BookerMP3

    Washington DC Conf with Senators, Rand Paul, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillbrand call for legal Med Cannabis. Asha Bandele of DPA with the Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, Senior Pastor Friendship-West Baptist Church. Mike Trace, Dir International Drug Policy Consortium, from plenary session at the UN in Vienna on March 11.

  • 03/06/15 Ricky RossMP3 | TXT

    Freeway Ricky Ross, war hero Thomas Mundell, Tom O'Connel cannabis MD, RABBITS, Mathew Shoemaker

  • 02/27/15 Charles A. McClelland JrMP3 | TXT

    Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland Jr. + Karen Sprague, CEO of CO2 company

  • 02/20/15 Carl HartMP3 | TXT

    From San Francisco/ICBC Convention: Dr. Carl Hart, Rep Dana Rohrbacher, Steve DeAngelo, Lauren Frazer + 85 Yr old Ann Lee of Houston heads to CPAC to end reefer madness

  • 02/13/15 Bob LeeMP3 | TXT

    *Tribute to Bob Lee* Mark Stepnoski, former center for Cowboys re NFL & Medical marijuana, "Stinky Steve" author Maggie Valpo, US reports on cannabis

  • 02/06/15 Allen St. PierreMP3 | TXT

    Allen St. Pierre of Natl. NORML, Alex Rogers of ICBC conference, Heather Fazio of MPP Texas, Texas TV segments for legal cannabis, Kim Ogg Tex DA candidate & US Surgeon General for medical cannabis

  • 01/30/15 Johann HariMP3 | TXT

    Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream - The First and Last Days of the Drug War + Austin CBS report in support of medical cannabis for children

  • 01/23/15 Greg GladdenMP3 | TXT

    Greg Gladden former head of Texas ACLU, Jason Miller of Texas NORML, President Obama on "The Hill", Houston Sheriff Garcia + NBC Houston & CBD for Texas

    Greg Gladden former head of Texas ACLU, Jason Miller of Texas NORML, President Obama on "The Hill", Houston Sheriff Garcia + NBC Houston & CBD for Texas

  • 01/16/15 Howard WooldridgeMP3 | TXT

    Howard Wooldridge, former cop and founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, Houston's Mayor & police chief + Wash Post report on asset forfeiture

  • 01/09/15 Anthony JohnsonMP3 | TXT

    Anthony Johnson of International Cannabis Business Conference, Jason Miller of Houston Norml re forthcoming cannabis conference in Houston, Drug Policy Alliance teleconference on national progress on legal cannabis

  • 01/02/15 Jack ColeMP3 | TXT

    Jack Cole, founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition re police militarization & the "blue line" + Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland & report on danger of synthetic "marijuana"