Cultural Baggage 2014

  • 12/26/14 Dean BeckerMP3 | TXT

    2014 in Review: Stephen Colbert, Diane Goldstein, BBC: US drug war laughingstock, Judge John Delaney, Alice Oleary Randall, Professor William Martin, US Rep Beto O'Rourke, Russia Radio interview of DTN Host Dean Becker & Houston Mayor Anise Parker

  • 12/19/14 Ray HillMP3 | TXT

    100 Years is ENOUGH! rally in Houston in front of criminal court house, KPFT patriarch Ray Hill, Michael Allen of End Mass Incarceration, Representatives of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, NORML, DPFT and others

  • 12/12/14 John UrquhartMP3 | TXT

    Sheriff John Urquhart of King County (Seattle) Washington in support for Houston Police Chief Charles McClellans call that drug war is a failure + Barbara Brohl Colorado Dir of Revenue & Mark Thornton of Mises Institute * CALL FOR RALLY Dec 17 at noon at YOUR courthouse - 100 Years of Prohibition is ENOUGH!

  • 12/07/14 Ray HillMP3

    Ray Hill, KPFT patriarch joins us in studio + NBC report on our interview of Police Chief McClellan, former Deputy Policy Chief of Los Angeles Steven Downing, Protest against US racism in Nigeria, Mathew Fogg unveils corruption that enables cops to avoid indictment

  • 12/05/14 Charles A. McClellan JrMP3 | TXT

    Charles A. McClelland Jr. the Police Chief of Houston Texas joins us for the full program, describes the failure of the war on drugs.

  • 11/30/14 Roger GoodmanMP3

    Washington state Rep Roger Goodman discusses failure of drug war, forthcoming WA bill to de-felonize drug crimes + Ethan Nadelmann & Former President of Mexico Zedillo on CNN + Ellen Bukstel song Who's The Pusher Now?

  • 11/23/14 Ethan NadelmannMP3 | TXT

    Ethan Nadelmann Dir of Drug Policy Alliance: "What has the war on drugs done to the world?" + Rand Paul call for end to drug war, Jill Harris of DPA re coerced treatment + Invitation to 12/14 nationwide rally "100 Years is Enough!" + song: "Eternal War" by Adult Users

  • 11/16/14 Bill MartinMP3 | TXT

    James A.Baker III Conf.: "Is Texas Ready for Medical Marijuana?" Featuring William Martin, Ph.D., Director, Drug Policy Program, Baker Institute, Leslie Grady McAhren, Executive Director CG Corrigan, Amy Lou Fawell, President, Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana For Autism (MAMMA, Catharine A. Neill, Ph.D., Fellow in Drug Policy, Baker Institute, Vincent Lopez, Founder, Patient Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics

  • 11/09/14 Steve DowningMP3 | TXT

    Steve Downing, LEAP speaker, former Dep Police Chief of Los Angeles + Stephen Gutwillig, Ethan Nadelmann, Peter Zuckerman, Taylor Bickford & Dr. Malik Burnett

  • 11/02/14 Kim OggMP3 | TXT

    Kim Ogg, DA candidate for Houston/Harris County calls for smarter war on drugs + Chris Conrad, called by Federal Govt to address Schedule I classification for cannabis.

  • 10/26/14 Ed RosenthalMP3 | TXT

    Ed Rosenthal, author of Beyond Buds - Marijuana Extracts - Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines + Eapen Thampy director of Forfeiture Reform & Stephanie Jones Night Life Mgr for Drug Policy Alliance

  • 10/19/14 Eric SterlingMP3 | TXT

    Eric Sterling, Pres of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Michael Krawitz of Veterans for Medical Cannabis, Eric Holder clip, Vanita Gupta clip

  • 10/12/14 Annise ParkerMP3 | TXT

    13 Yr Anniv Show: Houston Mayor Annise Parker re needed changes to drug laws, Kevin Ludlow running for office, has home searched for drugs, Jason Miller Pres of Houston NORML

  • 10/05/14 Kim OggMP3 | TXT

    Houston DA candidate Kim Ogg + Tom Angell Dir of Marijuana Majority & Chris Goldstein editor Freedom Leaf Mag at SSDP conference

  • 09/28/14 Earl BlumenauerMP3 | TXT

    SSDP 2014 with US Rep Earl Bleumenauer, Stacia Costner Dep Dir of SSDP, Troy Dayton founder of SSDP & Betty Aldworth Exec Dir of SSDP & Call for national rallies at US Courthouses on Dec 17, the 100 year anniversary of Drug War

  • 09/21/14 Joseph McNamaraMP3 | TXT

    Chief Joseph D. McNamara, drug reform pioneer dead at 79, DTN host Dean Becker guests on Voice of Russia and "Outlaw Dave" radio shows. DTN calls for courthouse rallies nationwide on Dec 17th the 100 year anniversary of drug war.

  • 09/14/14 Gary HaleMP3 | TXT

    DEA Special Agent Gary Hale (ret) now a fellow at James A Baker III Institute, Jag Davies of Drug Policy Alliance re Global Commission on Drugs & voices of the children of Ferguson

  • 09/07/14 Mike AllenMP3 | TXT

    Mike Allen of End Mass Incarceration & Heather of Marijuana Policy Project, Philippe Lucas of Tilray Cannabis Co, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chicago mom of cannabis using kid, Norm Stamper of LEAP on Colbert Report, Telegraph report of 65 Yr old cannabis user with HIV

  • 08/31/14 Marc EmeryMP3 | TXT

    Marc Emery released from US prison earlier this month talks about his time behind bars, appreciation of being free and time with his wife Jodie & plans for the future + Doug McVay report on cannabis reducing OD's on hard drugs

  • 08/24/14 Chris GoldsteinMP3 | TXT

    Chris Goldstein re forthcoming new mag to help end war on weed + Diane Goldstein re article tying drug war to police overkill Plus Houston DA Candidate to stop wasting dollars on weed arrests

  • 08/17/14 Russell M. WebbMP3 | TXT

    Russell M. Webb, Houston Attorney addresses failing of criminal justice system + NBC reports on warrior cops and unanimous endorsement of weed laws by Texas sheriffs, Norm Stamper speaks in support of my book "To End The War On Drugs" in Wash DC & "This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops"

  • 08/10/14 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith, reporter for re forthcoming votes on drug laws + Eric Sterling of CJPF, Carl Veley of DPFT and Jake Agliata of SSDP speak in Wash DC in support of book: To End The War On Drugs - Policmakers Edition

  • 08/03/14 Beto O'RourkeMP3 | TXT

    Rep. Beto O'Rourke; Neill Franklin, director of LEAP; and Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance speak before the U.S. House in support of "To End The War On Drugs"; Marc Emery and an MSNBC report on legalization.

  • 07/27/14 Beto O'RourkeMP3 | TXT

    Rep. Beto O'Rourke stands with DTN host for D.C. press conference: To End The War On Drugs; Houston district attorney candidate calls for end of marijuana-related arrests — no jail, no bail, no record.

  • 07/20/14 James P. GrayMP3 | TXT

    Judge James P. Gray, 2012 vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, and David Borden, director of

  • 07/13/14 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    Neill Franklin, director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Steph Sherere of Americans for Safe Access; and former Chicago prosecutor James Gierach.

  • 07/06/14 Howard WooldridgeMP3 | TXT

    Part II of the Baker Institute's panel on medical marijuana, with Maj. David Bass and Texas state Sen. Joan Huffman; Howard Wooldridge of LEAP discusses progress in ending the drug war; a summer reading assignment for all U.S. officials.

  • 06/29/14 Bou Bou PhonesavanhMP3 | TXT

    A police SWAT team thrrew a grenade at infant Bou Bou Phonesavanh after obtaining a "no knock" warrant. The family's attorney Mawuli Mel Davis, mother Alecia Phonesavanh and activist Marcus Coleman discuss the incident.

  • 06/22/14 Bill MartinMP3

    William Martin of Rice University's Baker Institute gives a talk about how marijuana helps vets with PTSD, also featuring Texas Monthly editor Brian Sweany and and Dr. Neeraj Shah.

  • 06/15/14 Russell WebbMP3 | TXT

    Russell Webb, Houston attorney, on the justice system in Houston; Kim Ogg, candidate for district attorney of Houston; Mason Tvert of Marijuana Policy Project efforts in Texas; Boston report on butane explosion.

  • 06/08/14 Sharda SekaranMP3 | TXT

    Sharda Sakaran on the drug war's failure to protect children; Tony Newman on Maureen Dowd's marijuana "hallucination"; Rick Doblin discusses the passing of Sasha Shulgin.

  • 06/01/14 Dean BeckerMP3 | TXT

    After U.S. House vote on medical marijuana, a teleconference with members of Congress, medical marijuana patients and advocates. Featuring Rep. Sam Farr, the bill's lead sponsor; Rep. Steve Cohen, co-sponsor; and Barbara Lee, co-sponsor.

  • 05/25/14 William MartinMP3 | TXT

    William Martin, director of the Drug Policy Program at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, discusses his new Texas Monthly article "War Without End" about veterans' use of marijuana to treat PTSD; Dr. Sunil Agerwal joining NIH; Alison Myrden's speech to the Canadian Parliament.

  • 05/18/14 Debbie WilsonMP3 | TXT

    Debbie Wilson speaks about her 25-year head injury vastly improved after using cannabis; Aaron Justiss, president of Buds and Roses; Philippe Lucas of Canada's Tilray; and Nick Palmer, former head of Australia's Federal Police Force.

  • 05/11/14 Michael SkolnikMP3 | TXT

    Michael Skolnik, political director for Russell Simmons; cannabis therapeutics report with Alice O'Leary Randall, Jodi James, Dr. Robert Melamede and Tristan Risevor of M.A.M.A.

  • 05/04/14 Steven GutwilligMP3 | TXT

    DPA Conference: Steven Gutwillig of Drug Policy Alliance, David Borden of Stop The Drug War, Brandon of Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes, Sam Salzazar of Marijuana 411, Shiloh Murphy of Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance.

  • 04/27/14 Eapen ThampyMP3 | TXT

    Eapen Thampy of Americans for Forfeiture Reform; Philip Martin of Progress for Texas; Attorney General Eric Holder; CBS report on marijuana edibles; FOX report of Reefer Madness; Grover Norquist for a small tax on cannabis.

  • 04/20/14 Mitch EarleywineMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Mitch Earleywine; Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre discusses the upcoming Cannabis Therapeutics Conference; Steven Weiss reports on 4/20 tours from Houston to Denver; Ethan Nadelmann discusses marijuana and heroin on WBUR.

  • 04/13/14 Kevin ZeeseMP3 | TXT

    Kevin Zeese of discusses the drug war, the economy and human rights; district attorney of Houston candidate Kim Ogg; Steve Nolin of Houston NORML discusses upcoming 4/20 events.

  • 04/06/14 Peter ChristMP3 | TXT

    Peter Christ, founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, on human rights and the drug war; Al Byrne of Patients Out of Time; forthcoming conference in Portland on May 5-8.

  • 03/30/14 John DelaneyMP3 | TXT

    Working Texas Judge John Delaney speaks to the first-ever gathering of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition.

  • 03/23/14 Doug FineMP3 | TXT

    Doug Fine, author of "Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution"; Lynn Paltrow of Advocates for Pregnant Women.

  • 03/16/14 Norma SappMP3 | TXT

    Norma Sapp reports on progress towards cannabis laws in Oklahoma; Thalia Michelle speaks at a Republican seminar in Houston about medical marijuana for children.

  • 03/09/14 Inge FryklundMP3 | TXT

    Inge Fryklund, former Chicago prosecutor; Jason Miller of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition; Doug McVay of Drug War Facts; and Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow."

  • 03/02/14 Brian C BennetMP3 | TXT

    Brian Bennett, designer of the website "Truth: The Anti-Drug War"; British condemn U.S. drug war.

  • 02/23/14 Phil SmithMP3 | TXT

    Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War discusses this week's astounding drug war news about El Chapo and massive moves on marijuana.

  • 02/16/14 Peter MaguireMP3 | TXT

    Peter Maguire, author of "Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade," reports on changing perspectives on cannabis from Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas and Oklahoma.

  • 02/09/14 Neill FranklinMP3 | TXT

    Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Utah heroin story; Abolitionists Moment.

  • 02/02/14 Ray HillMP3 | TXT

    Following the deaths of Pete Seeger and KPFT's Jimmy Carper, Ray Hill, Pacifica patriarch and Prison Show founder, speaks about activism and the need for drug reformers to reach beyond incremental changes.

  • 01/26/14 Carl HartMP3 | TXT

    Dr. Carl Hart, author of "High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society," speaks at the Texas Drug Policy Conference on Jan. 2.

  • 01/19/14 Sarah SaldanoMP3 | TXT

    U.S. attorney Sarah Saldano speaks at the Texas Drug Policy Conference, unaware of the deal with the Sinaloa cartel; Doug McVay discusses the ineffective drug testing of children.

  • 01/12/14 Pepe RiveraMP3 | TXT

    Pepe Rivera, photographer and reporter from Los Cabos, Mexico, discusses the townspeople's uprising against cartels and cops; Mike Allen on End Mass Incarceration's participation in MLK Day march; Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence on the Jan. 17-18 drug war conference in Dallas; Doug McVay reports on racial disparity in the drug war.

  • 01/05/14 Clay JonesMP3 | TXT

    Tribute to Clayton Jones, report on marijuana legalization in Denver from KPFT's Laura Slavin, and Diane Goldstein of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) on "drug war addicts."